Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ahhh stupid!!!

I had some nice policies set up on for my ArtFire shop and just changing them a tiny bit made them disappear!!! Now I have NO policies any more and I had a nice formatted list of stuff to cover everything. And I was an idiot and didn't make a backup of it!!! Omg!!! :-( I've been working on this freaking thing all day and now I just give up. I had an item listed and was ready to list a couple and now I just want to give up and crawl into bed and read and call it a day. Ugh!!! I even got a paper/cardboard cut from all this mess!!! Ahhh!!! Ok, gonna go try to piece it back together. I will just assume this time I will make them better and there is a reason why they disappeared. Its the only way I can keep from screaming. *sigh* I hopefully will have the shop link ready for viewing soon.

Loves ya,

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