Friday, September 18, 2009

A Retro Moment

So I was blog hoping and found my way to an Ebay auction for a vintage doll kitchen. When I first saw the icon for it I was in shock. I thought to myself "Didn't I have the kitchen as a child?". Once I clicked on the picture I was taken back...wayyyy back to 1980-something or another.


I got this kitchen for Christmas. I remember I didn't even see it until after we had opened all the gifts and I had been playing with my new stuff for a while. Then I saw it and gasped and my mom was like "Oh you didn't see that?", I was in heaven. It lite up, the blender really worked, and the BEST part...when you turned on the faucet real water came out!!! LOL! I just thought it was THE coolest thing in the world. I had it for years, donated it to my sister for her doll fun, and then it was donated to Good Will. It was nice to see this picture and remember my childhood for a while. I didn't have a lot of friends growing up...being the fat kid an all, but I had Barbie and her friends to keep me company and those are some really fond memories. :-)

Ok, so I just wanted to share that geeky moment of the week with you all. :-)

Loves ya,

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