Sunday, January 31, 2010

When it rains it pours.

Or in my case here it turns into ice which can be a lot worse than rain. This week has NOT been my week. My dentist appointment I had for Tuesday was canceled because my hygienist was sick. This is the third time I've been canceled. So word to the wise, don't set up medical stuff during cold anf flu season. Ugh. Well, the day I should have had my appointment I woke up with sore throat. Hummm. Well, I did sleep with my window open the night before, maybe the chimney smoke from other houses in the neighborhood irritated it. Fast forward to the evening, I could barely swallow. Ok, so I figured I was getting a cold. The next day my throat is worse. I start with the cough meds. But now I am getting chills and I am achy. Uh oh. By Friday my simple cold had turned into a full on flu!!! Aches, pains, headache, coughing, sneezing, congestion, the whole freaking 9 yards of it people.

Now I know I seem a bit weepy, but I haven't been sick in two years, maybe 3. I just haven't. And my immune system is crap. Well, I guess I forgot what it felt like to be sick and now I am just complaining and complaining and complaining. It's weird, I am in so much pain even my gums are hurting. I am hoping it's the flu causing the pain and not the deep cleaning I had. So my mom caught this mess too. And the thing is we went and saw my friend and her young kids the other day. Well all of them got sick too and my friend's daughter and her daughter's grandmother got sick. Then her daughter's grandfather got sick. And now my friend is sick. So we are trying to figure out if they caught it from us or we caught it from them. Remember, my hygienist was sick. So this all could have started from her. But who knows. All I know is that I am still in pain and hope the worst is over.

Everyone has been worried about me and I feel bad that all I can really say is a quick muffled "thank you" before zonking out again in bed. But thank you to all who have been worried about me. I really think I am rounding the corner of this race to get well and I will be winning soon. I hope to be able to post one day soon "I fought the flu and I won." LOL! Ok, that was the flu talking, had to be.

Well peeps, I be off now. I still need to figure out how to fix my computer and I need to lay down get some more rest. Not sure if I will be making it to my dentist appointment on Monday now. The roads are still covered in ice! Ugh! And I wanted to go to Tuesday Morning on...well...Tuesday morning for their sale. Hopefully the streets will be clear by then. Ok must really get to bed. Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. Awwwwwwwww! Poor Chelle! That sounds crummy:( Just get lots of rest and get better soon. Sending Chicken Soup Vibes your way!


  2. Hey Chelle...
    Greetings from the Magic Carpet Ride! I am sooo happy to greet you too! Love your writing blog but I couldn't for some reason comment on it. So I am here leaving a note for you about writing your wonderful novel! Go Girl! I agree completely! I working on my own novel. Takes time with all of life's distractions, however when its done it will be wonderful just like yours! Going to link you to my blog so I can visit often! Blessings Eden

  3. Thanks Smidge for the chicken soup. I sure needed it. But now I feel great and I know the soup had something to do with it. ;-) Now it time to jump back into the hobby. :-D

    Hi Eden, thanks for making your way over to my blog! I love your blog, it reads almost like a storybook or fairytale. I will be popping by to read more. :-) Thanks again for the lovely comment!

  4. i think your dentist needs more then one assistant if you are being canceled on that much!



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