Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its weigh-in Saturday people!

Hey guys! Today is weigh-in Saturday. I hate having to report my "official" weigh-in for today. Why you may ask? Look below to see.

Yep, I gained 2 pounds overnight. I owe it to the pizza I had before bed. It was really salty and I barely drank any water yesterday so I must have retained water. This is going to have to change. I used to drink a lot of water but the holidays had me getting lazy and drinking less water and more cocoa and soda. Not good. So I am back to drinking mostly water with occasional cocoas in between. Just water gets so bland and rather quickly, but I will get back on track.

Well that's all I wanted to post about in this one. Hope you are having a grand Saturday! :-)

Loves ya,

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