Sunday, January 24, 2010

People of Walmart and doll lovers unite!

Ok so I was on People of Walmart and I saw this picture. Click on it to be taken to the actual page and website.


Ok, I know to some it may seem creepy, but I think people who are brave enough to show their doll love like this is cool. LOL! This person looks a lot like a person I watch on DeviantArt. I'll have to check into that. But love their doll and their look. It's not my kind of look personally, but I love it. Ok, just had to share this with you all. It sucks that the doll hobby is made to look freakish through the POW website, but I still got a smile and giggle out of seeing it.

Loves ya,


  1. I think seeing someone brave enough to carry their doll around like that would blow my mind, lol. I never even did that when I was a kid. I was too afraid I'd lose my doll. Brave for not conforming:)

  2. Oh yeah, I wasn't that brave either. I was worried about the same thing. The ONLY time I'd be anywhere but home with a doll was if my mom bought me one and I opened it in the car. That's it! LOL! But I love seeing people out and about with their dolls. Makes the hobby seem less...hummm...unique? LOL!

  3. Hi! I hope its not too late (um 7 years) I'm seeing lots of fabulous people on People of Walmart and wanting to ask a few questions of people like you- who were on that site but have pride in their own cultivated fashion, maybe to create a giant fabulous public pageant? About the actually interesting side of America that might also show up at your local store. Anyways, lmk if that's interesting to you.


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