Friday, January 1, 2010

Post 160 and first post of 2010!


Hey guys, how was your New Years Eve and day? Mine was uneventful, but can't complain. So I am still trying to get into the groove of things after taking such a long break from everything. I know I have some comments to get back to, and several other things to attend to, and I plan to do a lot of that this weekend. Today I was just still in an odd funk. First day of the year is always like that for me. Its not until the second day when we are officially "into" the year that I shrug it off and say "Oh well, here goes another year," and then I trudge on.

So in thinking about the new year, I made NO resolutions. They never pan out. But I DO want to lose weight this year. Sure there are several other things, but the weight has been the one thing that has been holding me back and changing who I am. I don't like that any more and haven't like myself for a couple of years now due to how the weight makes me feel mentally and physically. So today is the first day of many that I will fight the battle of the bulge. So I am issuing a challenge to myself. Feel free to join me if you'd like.

The House of Mouse Valentine's Day Challenge!

The rules are, I have to strive to lose 10-13 pounds by Valentine's day. That is my goal, but I will be happy with whatever I lose personally. I will do a weekly weigh in on Saturdays. That seems to be a good weigh in day. Always loved Fridays and Saturdays. Especially Saturdays. So I will weigh in on Saturday. Today will be a two day weigh in week since I started weighing today. So expect another weigh in tomorrow. I hope it doesn't go up overnight. LOL! So here is my weight loss ticker.

Like I said, feel free to join me. Now I want this done in as much of a healthy way as possible. Take if from a girl who knows. I have done so many fad diets and I lost weight on all of them, then put the weight back on and then some. One day when I get to a certain goal weight I will tell you all the highest weight I got to due to fad diets. You'll swear off them forever. ;-) So here's to be healthier in 2010! :-)

Ok, I'm off. If you have made a comment, thank you for them, and I will respond to them this weekend. :-) Bye kids, talk to you all tomorrow. :-)

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