Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fab Girl Barbie...a bit disappointing.

Fab Barbie

So a while back I learned about Fab Girl Barbie. She reminded me of my old Day to Night Barbie doll, and it made me want her. I thought her hair trick was cute too and that made me want her more. He clothes and accessories were cute too, so it was a no-brainer then. I had to have her. But she was 20 bucks and something told me that I did not want to spend 20 bucks on her. So I kept passing on her when I had the money for her. I felt I'd regret it, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money.

Fast forward to Christmas and I found her on Amazon for 10 dollars cheaper. My sister bought her for me for Christmas and I was so excited to get her. I went out and got a Fashionista body for a body swap, because I hated the body she was on, and I had plans to reroot her with pink hair. Well when I got her I opened her up The strings that control her hair trick go through her back and the top of her head. For some reason I thought it went all through her head. So she had to stay on her body. :-( Very disappointing.

Fab Barbie

To top things off, her clothes are very cheap fabric that snag and rip easily and her accessories are ok, but nothing exciting once you get them in person. The compact doesn't even stay closed. So it was all disappointing. I put her to the side and ignored her a few days. Finally I picked her up and looked at her. I mended the tiny rips in her bodysuit and I looked at her hair. I could still reroot her if I wanted, it would just be a bit trickier taking off her head I believe. I may try it. Not sure yet.

I named her Blythe because her string pulling action makes me think of Blythe dolls. She's not a bad doll, just not a very poseable doll. However that's ok, I use the stiff joint dolls in backgrounds of my stories for filler and back action. So it'll work out. She'll make a nice sales clerk or something. Meh.

Fab Barbie

Oh, see the chains on her arm? They came from the oddest of places. The other day my mom found some stainless steel pots and pans on discount at Walmart, so she bought six of them. They all had these ball chains on them and my mom gave them to me to make jewelry for my dolls out of. My guys will be stylin' soon. Just need to find some nice charms for them. I might have something now, but will have to look. If anything, the chain alone will look nice. I love jewelry for dolls and love making it. So this is a challenge I'm more than glad to take on. When I find suitable charms I'll update you on. :-)

Loves ya,

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