Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ok, so I have to post about something that makes me scratch my head and go "Hummm?" Ok, so I had been noticing some of my female friends on Facebook were just randomly posting colors on their pages. I tried asking what it meant but never got a response. So I did the next best thing. I googled it. And it seems there is a game going on for breast cancer awareness and the colors the females are posting are the color of their bras. Now I'm not sure how this brings awareness on several levels. One, if they are just posting colors, how is anyone to know what they are talking about? And then, most of them don't want to tell in the post what the color is about but they will send a private message about it. Once again, how is that "getting the message out" if they are not posting about it in public? I mean eventually people are going to find out about the game and know on that day there were wearing a hot pink bra. I mean the world knows most women wear bras, so why hide it? And I still don't get how mentioning your bra color brings awareness to breast cancer. Walking a marathon and receiving a pink bra for participation is one thing. Proudly posting a color on your page for a game most of the website doesn't know about...yeah I just don't get it. Maybe its me being old...although all the people posting the color are my age. Or maybe its my new found don't beat around the bush kind of attitude. *sigh* I wish I hadn't changed so much from who I was and how my friends are now. Maybe then I'd "get" it. Am I just being a snot people, or does what I say make sense? Man that question just opened a can of worms. Be polite in your answers please. Remember, Santa is still watching you. ;-) Ok, I'm off. I've got so much to do today and its 4:11pm. Word to the wise, do not eat chocolate before bed, its just as bad as coffee. Bye for now kids.

Loves ya,


  1. *sigh* Okay, I guess I'll be old with you, lol, and just flat out say that I have no clue what this facebook generation is talking about or doing or thinking, most of the time. And I think I'm supposed to be a part of this generation, lol. Gaaah! I guess it's me, I just don't have the patience for all these facebook games and all this other crap. I'm just a freak, I guess, and it's changed my relationships with lots of people. They assume that because I'm not constantly texting/downloading/taking pictures with my phone that I'm out of the loop, have zero tech savvy, and treat me like a moron. Well, that's way off base, and just because I hate using my cell phone doesn't mean I'm an idiot!

    I'm sorry, this turned into a rant and got off topic, kind of. The point is, I'm with you. This really doesn't make sense to me either, this whole bra color thing. How is that supposed to be supporing or bringing awareness to anything, if no one knows what you're talking about? Sounds more like a way to be exclusive (or oh so cool) about something instead of inclusive. My grandma is a breast cancer survivor, she's been in remission a year. I wear a pink ribbon on my purse to support her and other people who went through what she has. Everyone-- or most people-- knows what that means. To me, this is something I actually beleive in, not a game.

    ps- why did you have to mention chocolate? Now I neeeeeed some, lol!

  2. Ok, thank you so much for helping me feel less like a weirdo. I mean all my friends are going off into another direction and I feel so odd. The only reason I have a Facebook is to keep up with what they are doing. I used to have both Myspace and Facebook then I closed them both. But was talked into opening the Facebook again to keep in touch with people...who I barely talk to anyway. So why do I have it any more? I just don't know. I prefer meeting and talking to my blog friends over keep up with peeps on Facebook. They just seem to see life more from the glass half full kind of range than my other friends. Hard to explain.

    And feel free to rant away. I love discussion and seeing how others feel. I'm so happy to hear your grandmother is in remission. Thank everything under the moon for that. Now see, you wearing a pink ribbon on your purse, THAT makes sense to me. That will remind me to support the cause. Meh, I guess we are just old then. Or maybe...we're the mature ones and they've just not caught up with the program. *Says the girl who wants to go out tomorrow and see if she can find a doll kitchen for her storyline coming up.* LOL!


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