Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update at Toy Box Treasures!

Fashionista Tracey

Check out the new updates to my new doll and toy blog Toy Box Treasures. Warning, there bes some doll nudity over in yonder blog. Surfer beware. ;-)

Loves ya,


  1. Crap! Now I totally never going to get anything done, lol! Looking forward to all your dolly posts-- and other blog posts too! You've been doing a lot of work! I'm totally jealous that you are getting computer organized!

  2. Omigod! Doll NUDITY! Screams. Faints. Others pull out smelling salts. Bet you didn't realize they still "sell" smelling salts, hmm? Fanning self. Passes quivering hand across fevered brow.

    How's that for a hysterical reaction? LOL

    Oh and I was kidding about the smelling salts ;-D

  3. Smidge don't be jealous, it's all an act. LOL! I thought I was getting organized but I just ended up going against the grain of what I was trying to do. So with that failed I am reworking things now. Hopefully this will work for me. LOL!

    D7ana, yes, there will be doll nudity. :-D This blog is not for the faint of heart. ;-) LOL! And, do they really still sell smelling salts? LOL! I feel the need to google now. LOL!


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