Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fashionista Neck Post

Fashionista neck post.

So I had been hearing about the neck posts in the Fashionista dolls, but no one was showing them. They were saying that it was hard to get the heads off and that they had to cut the heads open to get them off. This initially worried me about trying to take the head off of one, but it was not bad at all. What you need to focus on is plenty of heat and plenty of patience.

I hit the plastic of the doll head with direct heat from my hair dryer for a few seconds. I had to do it about three times before some gentle pulling allowed the head to pop off. Heat is your friend people. ;-) But yeah, once the head is off you can cut the tabs off the post or cut the post down all together. I did neither since I don't plan on reheading the dolls. I just popped Tracey's head on and I was done with it.

So yeah, I hope I helped calm any fears any of you had of trying to take a Fashionista head off. Oh, and yes, that is a roll of toilet paper she is sitting on. I needed to prop her up on something and least you know I use it. ;-) LOL! Bye guys.

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