Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kmart action figures are crap!

Salvaged Male Doll

Ok, so a couple of years ago when I got into collecting dolls for photostories, I started collecting action figures. Since I was, and still am, on a budget, I looked for cheaper dolls that looked decent. That lead me to stores like Walmart and Kmart. In both stores I found these box sets of 3 male figures. The one from Kmart had a blond figure, a brunette figure, and an AA figure. The blond figure lost his arm, but I still used him in stories as an amputee character. I'll have to dig up old pictures of him or save it for the story and just say he got a donor arm or something. Humm. Anyway, the other two figures were just fine. Well, when things started happening in life I packed my dolls away in a plastic storage box and that is where they all stayed a few years, until the other day.

I opened the box and started looking through my dolls again and when I got to the bottom of the box I found two of the figures, that were perfect when I put them in safely and organized, were laying there with broken arms and legs. Now this storage box hadn't be touched in years. All my other dolls were fine. Even the one with the broken arm was fine. But the other two were broken. I am guessing from the weather change the plastic got weak and broke. :-(

The only lucky think is the brunette one was the same coloring of the blond that had already been in a story and was the father of triplets. So I wanted to keep him, and as luck would have it the one arm on the brunette that wasn't broken was the exact arm that broke on the blond. Well one screwdriver and a few curse words later I had him all fixed up. I kept certain things from the other dolls, the heads and screws, and bid the rest farewell.

Salvaged Male Doll

So here is my character, Tom or Thom...still deciding on the spelling of it, all together and ready for his close up, literally. I did not put him back in the box with the other dolls. I'll let him stay out and about and hopefully the weather change won't affect him to much.

So there is my first bit of slight customizing for the year. Hey, its something. More to come. :-)

Loves ya,

Oh and ps-
Stay away from crappy Kmart generic dolls. They're crap. :-)

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