Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weight loss incentives.

So the year before last, someone bought me a doll as a weight loss incentive and I lost the weight and obtained the doll. But around the holidays I put the weight back on. So this year I have been given another weight loss incentive, but this time the amount I have to lose is a lot more, my own choice. So I won't get these dolls until the end of the year I'm sure, but it will be worth it when I finally reach the weight I am going for. Here's what I am becoming a loser for.

AA Jewel Secrets Barbie:


I had this doll as a child and loved her. But she was donated once my sister and I were done playing with dolls. I always regretted it and was happy to find her for sale for a decent price. Now she's mine again...well...almost mine. :-)

Next is Jewel Secrets Ken:




This next one I thought was interesting. The Ken on the package either looks like a senior citizen or her looks confused or constipated. LOL! Its very odd how weird the picture looks.


So those are my incentives to lose weight. A good amount of weight at that. But the prize I will get will be worth it. :-)

Loves ya,


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