Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits.


Happy December everyone! Wow, can you believe we are at the end of another year? Couple of more days and we will be saying hi and bye to Santa then mourning the death of 2009 and celebrating the birth of 2010. Crazy huh? Well I plan to be productive this December. I don't know if I will be doing a lot with my shop this month since I am debating on just putting up a few things on Etsy instead of having an Artfire or keeping Artfire for certain things and Etsy for doll related stuff. Don't know yet. Until I fully decide, I won't stress about it. What I want to stress over is clearing up my bookmarks and getting to back into the doll community that I pulled myself out of a while back. I still plan to talk about other things in my blog like writing, weight loss, random topics, fashion, etc., but I also want to talk about dolls more since I have once again found myself loving them again. And since I have found some lovely new doll friends and found more blogs I can read I plan on redoing my links to reflect that more so I can visit those blogs at least once a day or when time permits during the week.

What else? Oh yeah, so the cleaning up to much stuff doesn't just stop at all the links I have acquired. It also hints on the stuff I own. I am trying to cut back on a lot of stuff from dolls to clothes to videos...yes I said videos. Well yesterday I read, in one of my man Fitness magazines that I am trying to get rid of, that you have to alter your exercise so your body doesn't get used to it and make you stop losing. So I decided to do weights and I knew of a video I had that was good. So I went on the hunt for it in my room. And well in finding it I found something else. You'll see what below.

Exercise Videos and DVDs

That there are 20 exercise videos and dvds I have collected over the years. Barely used most of them are, and one isn't even opened! I just would see a cheap exercise video and think "Well maybe that will be the one to make me like exercise again." And well, yeah it didn't and I would forget about it and then find another cheap video. Oh man. And if you notice, Richard Simmons is most defiantly there. Three videos to be exact. I could never get into the Disco Sweat mind you...I felt silly. But...I might try it if it is something fun. I tried it once when I was younger and well I felt so silly, but now I think I am beyond that stage of having to look "cool" at all times. LOL!

Exercise Videos and DVDs

Another view of my exercise videos and dvds. I mean wow. And that's just a tiny part of my collection of videos and dvds. I am thinking of getting rid of most of my videos. I might try to sell some on my blog in the future to see if anyone is interested in them. They won't be for much. Just enough to make a little something on them to help me buy a doll or two. LOL! So what else?

Oh yeah, so I am working some furniture for some stories I plan on doing. I am still working on the kitchen sink. I actually pulled the sink apart and redid it because it was centered in the island and when I put a doll against it after it was all done I was broken-hearted to see that it was to awkward for a doll to use. So I took it apart and now I like it. At first I didn't want to take it apart but the perfectionist part of me wouldn't let me rest unless I did and I am so happy I did. Now there is counter surface which I wanted. I will take pictures of it later when I seal and finish it.

Office Desk

The other piece of furniture will be made from this. I had this dresser when I was a kid and got rid of it when I was older. I was happy to find it again when I was in the Salvation Army a while back. The mirror wasn't there, but I still saw potential in it. I think it would make a great desk. So I am working on it. I wanted to take a before picture before I started on it. Pictures of it soon, maybe tomorrow, of the work in progress.

Well that's about it for me today. Oh, before I go, I wanted to share this with you. My sister showed it to me the other day and it just made me giggle. Hope you enjoy.

Ok ladies and gents, I will talk to you lovelies later...tomorrow. :-) Be good until then, and bye for now! :-D

Loves ya,

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