Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hi hi!

Hey guys, just wanted to pop on real quick and give you all a wave. *Waves manically.* Yeah, no real post today. Just kind of feeling blech. When it rains it changes the humidity here and it just makes me either tired, cranky, irritable, or lazy. Humm...unmotivated maybe? Well either way, all I got done was sitting around on my bum looking at a boring doll forum. They all tend to just talk about their special expensive dolls and well I want more interaction than that. I want chatting in live time. I want discussing ways to have what you want but for cheaper. I to discuss things like making things you want for your dolls. Just not a lot of that there. I know, its time for me to start promoting the forum. Will work on that some tomorrow. Also working on my website again. Wish I would have done that today. But I spent most of the day playing them Sims. LOL! And any Sims fan knows that when you get started its hours later when you realize that you've been playing a long time. LOL! I will try to take some pics tonight for tomorrow. Hope all of you are well. Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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