Wednesday, December 9, 2009

*Sigh* They canceled my favorite and only soap opera.

I can't believe they canceled "As The World Turns". Honestly, I knew it was coming to an end after Guiding Light got the cut, but it's still sad to hear about. I will get to watch it another 9 months and then I will sadly have to say good bye to it unless it gets picked up by another station...which I doubt will happen. But you never know. *sigh* So sad. Anyone else watch "As The World Turns"? Are you sad to see it go? Meh, ok, back to beads. Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. Oh, no! ATWT is going too! All the soaps in that CBS line-up are my grandma's soaps. She was already bummed about GL, she must be double bummed now, I'll have to call her! Even though they're not really my soaps, I watched them with her when I was growing up, and I still watch them with her whenever I go down to visit her. It's funny how quickly you can catch up on a soap opera, even if you've missed the last 6 months, lol. Except all the babies are suddenly teenagers of course:)Crossing my fingers someone will pick it up. You never know.

  2. Hey, Michelle - it's Dorrie. Havin' some fun on your site, peekin' around. So cute ! Squeeeee !

    Wanted to ask you a question, too. Seems I have a spare Tiffany Taylor who'd really like a sweet home, and not have to go back to a mean ole thrift store. Are you willing to foster a Tiff ? Be glad to send her to you ! After I sew her a few little outfits, of course - I can't stand to mail or even donate a nude doll, it seems so wrong to me !

    Anyway, tell me what ya think, and we can trade snail-mail addys if you'd like to have Tiff on your turf. I'd really rather give her a nice home where she'd be loved than donate her to an uncertain future. No pressure, though ! (wicked grin)

    Hope your tummy's doing better ! Hugs !!


  3. Smidge girl, I know its shocking. ATWT is the last of the P&G soaps. Its so sad. I hope it gets picked up. Its sad to see things from my childhood just disappearing. Makes me feel old.

    Hey Dorrie, love seeing you over in my neck of the woods. I'd love to give Tiffany Taylor a home. I think she's a lovely gal after seeing her on your blog. I will pop over to your blog and leave a comment for you to see if you still have her.

  4. ATWT is "my " soap, too. I will miss it. James Steinbeck has always been a favorite of mine. It amuses me the way he returns from the dead so often. Wish the soap could bounce back that way, too.

    Anyone see the messages at the ATWT page on's message board? It's fun to read sometimes. They've got a thread about your top 5 male characters. So far, no one has added any of the Steinbeck men: James or Paul or David. Sigh.


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