Monday, December 14, 2009

*Waves* I'm back!


Hey ladies and gents, I'm feeling a lot better and am back to blogging. If you have left me a comment over the past couple of weeks, thank you so much for them and I have responded to all of them. I just haven't been feeling well and just wanted to comment on other blogs and not touch my blog until I felt better. I've been collecting things I have wanted to comment on while I was not feeling my best, but my tummy is back to manageable so I will slowly start posting those posts.

So first of all, how have you all been?!? Yes, I have checked on your blogs, but I wanted to ask still. :-) I so need to comment on so many of your blogs. I will get there, I promise. That is what sucks about feeling sick, trying to catch up on people's blogs and I am still going through links to collect the blogs I want to read and ditch the ones I haven't looked at. If you are reading this, your blog is not one of the ones I am ditching so no worries. :-)

Ok, so who is ready for something crazy? I have it right here for you. Look at this box I put in our living room just a little while ago.


Any idea what it is? And before any of you ask, no that is not dust on the table. LOL! My mom put wax on the table and it made the table get this weird whiteish look to it. She's tried cleaning it off, but it won't come of for some reason. We don't think it messed with the finish, just coated it. I will have to take a full picture of the table for you one day. Maybe later this week, its pretty cool.


Here's a clue for you.


Why do I feel like I just heard the gasp heard round the blogosphere? Yes ladies and gentlemen, that IS out Christmas tree STILL in the box ELEVEN days away from Christmas. I'm only saving face because some people don't put there's up until Christmas Eve and a lot of my friends haven't put theirs up yet either and don't plan to. We are going to attempt to do it tomorrow. When I get it up, I will upload pictures and try to take a video of it. Since my camera only captures 1 minutes and 30 seconds on film I will have to make it into a montage. For those that have dial-up I will upload all the pictures to Flickr for you to see.

Oh, if you have your tree up, I'd love to see your tree pictures. Let me know if you posted pictures of your tree somewhere. And if you haven't, well what are you waiting for? Take some, post them, and share. :-)

Oh, speaking of Christmas, what is everyone doing Christmas Eve? I was thinking of trying to arrange a doll chat on the forum. For those of you who don't know or haven't signed up, I have created a forum for dolls and toys. I had let it go stale while I dealt with tummy issues. But now I am trying to promote it again. You can see it here. You have to sign up to see several sections of the forums. The first 50 to sign up get special privileges. :-) I need to give some of the people who signed up theirs actually. So please go on over to The Toy Box and sign up. I would love to see you all there, and would love it if you pass on the link to your friends or blog about it on your blog to get the word out. I'd love to form a nice close knit doll family there. So please help me get the word out? I'll be your best friend. :-D

Ok, I think this post is long enough. More to come. Bye for now.

Loves ya,
Chelle a.k.a. Mouse

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