Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forgot to mention this.

I was just thinking about this today and I was going to mention it last night. Watching Ponyo last night, I noticed the license plate on Lisa's car and laughed. The number on her plate? 333. LOL! I kid you not. I wish I knew why 333 was such a thing with me. I wonder what will happen at 3:33 or what that number means to me? Guess I will find out one day. I kind of think it will be the time that will be called when I pass away when I'm a weak and sick little old lady of 99. Or maybe the time my first child will be born. My winning lottery number perhaps? Meh, I guess I'll have to wait and see. But just wanted to share that with you. Working on my beads some more. I want to finish them so I can get that off my back. They keep calling to me to finish them. Once I finish them I can move on to something else. Oh, I've decided to take a picture of my work space. You've seen it in some of my pictures. I won't take pictures of the room or my room because they are just a mess...which reminds me, I should throw a load of laundry in the wash. I'll do that now and make some cocoa for my empty stomach. I'm fasting today because food is making me so sick. Anyway.

Oh, I wanted to mention something interesting I saw on the news the other day. Its seems the city I live in is one of the top three cities in the US that will be offering a lot of jobs next year due to the military getting bigger here over the next few years. Also my city is 31st in the US to be growing economically. I am shocked because I just thought my little city was kind of boring with nothing exciting about it, but that is actually exciting news. I plan to try to get back into the work force next year part time, and this is good news. I hope that I will feel better next year so I can take advantage of the jobs coming into town. Fingers crossed. Ok, I'm off now. Laundry and some more cocoa. Bye for now ladies and gents.

Loves ya,

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