Monday, December 14, 2009

Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright

Hey guys, I am back with a review. I used to do them a lot in the past and just stopped, so I thought I'd pick them back up again. As some of you know I like to play video games in my spare time. Here lately I like playing with my DS a lot and one of the games I finally finished was Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney.

Ok, first let me say that while this game is fun, its long and seems a bit drawn out to me. The one thing I hate about the game is ALL THE READING! Seriously, you are reading for about a good hour learning about the case and collecting evidence. Then you are reading another hour for the court session. Then you may have to go collect more evidence...another hour of reading. Another court session...another hour of reading. And then you are done...with only one case! LOL! There were about five on this game. The last one is like a freaking whole new game in itself.

I did love, however, collecting evidence. Some of the stuff you had to do was pretty cool. And the end credits were among some of the coolest I've seen on a game. But after playing that I wanted to take a break from it...until my sister handed me the second in the series to play. Ummmm...what?!? I plan to finish it in a week...plan to.

The characters in this game were easy to love. From their cute names, to their silly backstories and relations to the case. And once you figure out what happened, how it was done, where it was done, and who did it, you are just amazed as the story unfolds.

So my rating for the game on a scale of one to five, one being worse and five being best, I give it 4 and half stars. It would have gotten 5 stars if not for allllll theeee freakingggggg readinggggg. LOL! It just goes so slow to get up on the screen and it just seemed to dance around the information you really want to know. And what drove me batty the worst was a gentleman in the last case that would constantly make a dramatic pause and you couldn't do anything but wait until he was done. Omg!!! That drove me batty!!! But through it all I guess I am ready to start on the second one. Be prepared to see another game review from me soon about that one. :-) But as for this game, I highly recommend it for those who like puzzle games or CSI shows. You will be very entertained. :-)

Loves ya,


  1. Hey, sweetest !

    Reading your review made me think of this - I still laugh. Since I can't cut/paste html here, check out 'Boot to the Head' on YouTube. There's one using ole Phoenix that's hilarious ! You've probably already seen it, but the classics remain funny for a while !

    I'll e-mail you tomorrow, and get Tiffany ready. She's so excited !

    Later, Adorable One !

  2. Oh yes, I LOVED that one. My sister showed it to me and we giggle every time we see it. Silly? Yes. Funny as heck? Oh heck yeah!!! LOL! Darn I should have posted that in this review. Perhaps for some comedy relief later on in the week. :-)


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