Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blast From The Past


So thanks to the love Smidge Girl, and her very entertaining Flashback Friday, she got me thinking about my own childhood. Now my childhood is all fuzzy in my mind for some reason. Some people can remember theirs as if it happened yesterday. Mine is a bit harder to remember. But I do remember bits a pieces from time to time, and Smidge Girl's Flashback Fridays got me thinking about my childhood games I play with my dolls. Warning, I don't promise to be as entertaining as Smidge Girl, I just wanted to share my past memories.

So when I was a child I remember owning a lot of the beach themed dolls. One of the ones I remember very well were the California Dream Barbie and Midge. Not sure who they are? Take a look at this commercial that I shockingly remember. That's an odd thing, I don't remember much about my childhood but commercials and stuff related to marketing I can remember from back then. Weird.

So like I said, I had these dolls and they usually hung out with Tropical Barbie, Miko, Ken, his friend I believe was Steve, and Skipper. Don't know who they are? Here ya go.

So since these dolls were beach dolls they needed to hang out on the beach. My beach just happened to be my bed. I would take my pillows and blankets and put them evenly around the edges of my bed. These would be the "beach houses". Barbie and Midge would be in one house. Tropical Barbie, Miko, and Skipper would be in another...sometimes they didn't like California Dream Barbie and Midge because Barbie stole Barbie's name. LOL! The guys would be in a beach house on the far end of the beach/bed so they wouldn't be to close to the girls, and then the last one would be for couples.

The dolls were all on vacation and they would show up with luggage full of clothes for their vacation. The floor was the water and the beach was secluded. In order to get to shops and clubs they had to get on a ship, which happened to be an old basket my mom had. They would all load up and travel across the way to the other beach which was either my dress or the floor in front of it. If it was the floor in front of my dresser, my dresser turned out to be a rock climbing mountain that the guys would climb while the girls shopped or sat around sipping drinks. LOL! Then it was back to the beach where everyone sat around the beach drinking some more and hanging out. Oddly enough Skipper got to go into the clubs too, but she only drank soda of course. LOL! Then the vacation was over and everyone returned home...or they wouldn't and I would just pick up where I left off the next day. My play sessions would go on for hours. Ok I have to ask, how long would you play Barbies at any given time? I could start from sun up and go to sun down with bathroom breaks and eating in between. So what about you?

Ok, so this was so weird sharing this story with you all, but it was fun too. I plan to share another one with you guys soon. :-) Thanks Smidge Girl for the idea and I can't wait for you next Flashback Friday. :-)

Loves ya,
Chelle a.k.a. Mouse


  1. Oh, yay! This was so much fun to read:) Your dolls really had a proper vacation, even a rock climbing adventure-- love it! So funny you still remember who shared a beach house with who! And I can't believe your Skipper got into the clubs, mine had to sneak in, lol!

    I totally remember these dolls-- and the commercials, lol.("We girls can do anything, Right Barbie?" is totally stuck in my head now!)I had Miko too, she was sooo pretty:)

    And my answer is exactly the same as yours when it came to playing Barbies-- allllll day long! And if it was Christmas vacation, forget about it! Barbie Marathon!!!

    I'm so glad you posted this, it was a blast! I can't wait for another one! (And thanks for mentioning me! I feel like a celebrity, lol!)

  2. I know, that tagline will ALWAYS be the Barbie tagline to me. LOL! And oh heck yeah, Christmas vaca was all Barbie all the time. LOL! And yeah, Skipper was just cool like that. LOLL!

    I am trying to think of another story from my past that I can hopefully post at the end of the week. Maybe on Saturday so it doesn't hit on your Friday. LOL!


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