Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2010 Harley Ken and Barbie giftset...coveted.

Hey guys. I was looking at a doll forum today and found out about the 2010 Harley Ken and Barbie giftset. It is now coveted by moi. Why? Well first take a look at the set.


First of all I love how badass they look. Look at the clothes. Look at the tats. Love it. But then upon looking at it closer...Ken can bend his wrist!!! Ok, sure, action figures had this down long before Ken went to the bank, took out a loan, and bought a clue, but it still gives me the warm fuzzies. :-)


A non-blonde Barbie. Loves. Her tats are too cool. Looks like she has the bendy wrists too, which is good. Love her face paint. Honestly, the only thing I don't like about her is the fact that she isn't mine already. ;-)


A blonde Ken. Loves not so much. But his face mold looks unique, which puts him back on the loves category. Almost looks like the Edward Cullen face mold to me.


I think its the sourpuss look he has going on. But I do like the face mold. Has it been used on any other doll before? Anyone know? Honestly, this guy is begging for a reroot. Perhaps a red-head. :-D Love the tat on his arm. Would to own this set, but perhaps they will make another Fashionista Ken...which I still need to get one, with those wrists.

Its kind of funny. Some collectors think that Mattel doesn't listen to them or pay attention to their buying habits. I on the other hand think their marketing team is smart and paying close attention. I think the reason the Fashionista Ken didn't get bent wrists is because of this new Harley set coming out. Why spend 80 bucks on the set when you can pay 12 bucks at Toys R Us for the one blonde Ken? I think that's the only reason Fashionista Ken ended up with a regular Ken body. Oh well. Mattel has to get their money some how. Hopefully I can get the set for a good amount cheaper in a store next year. I think 80 dollars is to much to spend on a Ken and Barbie doll. Its my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. Please no hate comments about how its a decent price. Its a decent price on a Bobobi sprite, which I would rather spend that kind of money on, so yeah. :-D

Ok, so just wanted to show you guys this set. I'm going back to my beads again. Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. Ouch, I agree, too much! $80 bucks is pretty outrageous. But, yowzer, I mega-love than ken doll! Bendy wrists, yes please! Nice face sculpt to,, it does look like the twilight one. I'm sure you're right about the Fashionista guys, but geez, I hope they made a regular bendy wrist Ken available sometime! Nice to see a Barbie that isn't blond, too:)

  2. A friend on my cross-post blog mentioned these dolls may be pivotal and that may be why they are up in price. If that's the case I understand. But something tells me they aren't but I am holding out. And if that's the case I will so be looking for a good sale, and by sale I mean serious discount after the popularity wears off. ;-) Until then I shall work on getting Fashionista Ken. :-) Hopefully on Wednesday after my teeth cleaning...*whimpers*.


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