Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Tree Montage!

Ok, so here is the first video I have made in a long time. I've posted it on Vimeo and I hope it looks nice.

Christmas 2009 from Chelle on Vimeo.

Decorating the Christmas tree and for Christmas in 2009.

Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt

White Christmas - The Drifters

I hope you enjoyed this. I will be making more of these in the near future. :-) Pictures are up on Flickr. Check them out. :-)

Loves ya,


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Loved the video and seeing your tree and your ornaments. Very impressed with the decorating and the storytelling :-D

  2. Yaaaay! That was so fun! I loved the music and the stories behind all your ornaments-- I love your mushroom! I guess you can find any kind of ornament, if you look hard enough:) Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful tree! Merry Christmas *hugs*

  3. So glad you liked my video. I loved sharing it with you all. I plan to make more videos in the near future to share. Thanks for watching you guys. :-)


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