Saturday, January 8, 2011

Projects anyone?

So I’ve been trying to think of a way to kick start my year, and it hit me that I should try to strive to do monthly projects.  Just something to help get the creative juices flowing.  So I’ve come up with several projects I’d like to attempt.  I know they won’t all be done this month, but I have them ready to go for future months.  Here are some of the projects I want to work on.


Project for 2011

So it hit me that Valentine’s day is coming and I have some much appropriate fabric sitting around that I got last year.  I decided now’s the time to use it.  I want to make some doll clothes with this fabric as well as making some baby doll hair clips that can be worn by humans instead of dolls.  Well maybe 60-70 cm dolls can wear them, but they will mostly be made for human use.  So this will be my first project to work on.

Project for 2011

This LOVE fabric was a nice size remnant I bought at Hobby Lobby last year around September.  It’s a rather large print, but I think it could work for Blythe dolls or for Tonner dolls.  I think it would sell better for Blythe than Tonner, so I will be making it for Blythe.  But I might be able to make it work for 27 cm dolls/11.5 inch dolls too if I work it right.  I’ll have to see.  I’m trying to think about this from a human point of view.  I don’t see a grown woman walking around with a dress that says love all over it so I don’t see dolls that are suppose to represent grown woman doing the same thing.  And yes I know a lot of people see their Blythe dolls as grown women but a lot of them see them as children, where this design would work.  What do you guys think?

Project for 2011

This next fabric could go for anyone I think.  It’s a fat quarter I bought in a set that was on discount because one of the fats was missing.  Sorry it’s upside down, just realized it.  But if you can’t tell, it’s like a bunch of translucent hearts overlapping each other.  I could see a nice empire dress made from this or a nice dress in general.  I plan to try to make this for a variety of dolls.  I think these two fabrics are the only ones I am dedicating myself to right now.  When I took on 10 dresses last year of varying fabrics it almost drove me nuts.  Don’t do that people.  Take it one or two fabrics at a time.  You’ll thank me and yourself later for that tip.

Project for 2011

Sorry for the slightly blurry shot.  I thought it was good when it showed up in my camera screen.  Well this is a Liv Doll Alexis that I’ve named Carly.  Carly is modeling a Hayden wig that I took the braids loose on.  I donated two Hayden bodies two my Ami and Yumi dolls.  It looks ok, they have swan necks, but it’s not that bad.  I think I will still get two Obitsu bodies later for them and hope the heads fit because I had to carve the neck hole some to get them to fit on the Liv bodies.  Fingers crossed.  But now I have two wigs that I could play around with.  I’ve decided to leave one and see if I could straighten out the crimp and curl with a boiling water treatment.  And this wig I’ve decided to reroot in pink hair I won off of Ebay about 10 years ago or so.

Project for 2011

This is the hair I won.  It’s pink Volks hair.  I think there’s enough to do a decent cover of the wig cap I will be using for this project.  It’s a baby pink color and feels really soft.  I’m looking forward to starting on it.  I’ve had this idea in mind since I bought some wigs on discount last year.  But I really liked those wigs and want to try something else with them like give them a Kool-aid dye job or something like that.

Project for 2011

Then my last project are the Hayden heads that lost their bodies.  I want to try repainting them and maybe eventually getting them new eyes.  They are wearing my Ami and Yumi caps and I think they look pretty cute in them. I’m looking forward to trying to customize them.  I need to get something to take the makeup off so I haven’t attempted anything yet.  I’ll be doing that soon.  Still trying to decide who I want them to be.  I know I want one of them to be blue related.  Then maybe the other one I’d like to be the green fairy.  We’ll see.

But yeah, those are my first couple of projects for the year.  I’d like to do one a month, but don’t you dare hold me to that.  LOL!  I really can’t wait to get started.  On them, the dresses being first since time is running out on those.  I’m going to attempt starting them tomorrow.  I’m trying to decide if I want to make a pattern or use a pattern.  Maybe a mix of both.  And I need to decide how I want to make my baby doll hair clips.  I wonder if anyone will be interested in buy some of those.  I guess only one way to find out.  Smile  Well I will talk to you all later.  Still working on bookmarks and comments here.  I hope to be all caught up by Monday so I am move on to other things I need to get done.  I’m trying to stay productive even though I feel like poo still.  I’ve since decided to try eating more alkaline foods to keep the acid down and see how that works before I head off to the doctor.  Either way I will be going to the doctor this year to get a physical and some other much needed visits.  This is the year of me and getting healthier so I just need to suck it up and do it.  *whimper*  LOL!  Ok guys, bye for now.  Be good.  Smile

Loves ya,


  1. I love that "Love" fabric. I think it'll look really nice on Blythe dolls.
    I cannot wait to see your projects, they all sound so cool!

  2. I like the Love and the overlapping hearts fabrics ,they have a Mod feel thet is perfect for Blythe.
    I'd love to see what you make!


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