Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flat-ironing doll hair.

So I’ve heard of flat-ironing doll hair before but I’d never attempted it.  But when I look at my poor Blythe doll I’m so tempted to try it now.  I went in search of tutorials on how to do it and I’ve found several.  I saw where one girl used a heat protectant on her doll’s hair, but since it’s not real hair I just think it would leave the doll hair to oily.  So I am going with the next tutorial I found by a gal named stephenswodadancer on Youtube.  She uses just plain water instead of any styling product while hot-ironing the hair and I like that idea a lot better.

Click on the picture above to be taken to her awesome tutorial on how to straighten doll hair.  This is being added to my doll projects for this year. 

Ann Marie Before Pic

Here is Ann Marie in a picture from some time last year.  As you can see her ends are just ruined.  I am hoping flat-ironing will smooth it out again.  It the hair burns it’s ok because I plan on rooting a new scalp for her some day if it doesn’t work.  But I love this color hair and want to try to save it.  So here goes nothing.  I will be sure to update you when I attempt it.  Oh and the little one is Christmas Noel who has been so neglected as of late.  I’m still on the hunt for some elastic to string her.  I think it needs to be 3mm elastic but I have no idea where to find any.  Her current elastic just as to much spring to it.  I’d like a tighter hold, so until then she is in hiding.  Also she doesn’t have a wig that fits her still.  I need to see about selling the wigs I do have and use that money to get her a good one.  I have a size 4 and a size 5.  The 4 was suppose to be 4.5 but it was actually a 4, the store mislabeled which ticked me off.  But decided to keep it because I thought I’d get a doll that has a size 4 head and I love the wig.  So then I tried a size 5 thinking the one I thought was 4.5 was to small and yep it’s to big now.  And the person who made it sew it wrong. I might try undoing the sewing and making it work for her.  Not sure.  That wig I’m not so happy with how it was made.  Meh, but this got off track.  So yeah, flat-ironing doll hair, a newest project added to the mix.  Smile  Talk to you guys later.

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