Sunday, January 9, 2011

I hate snarky doll people!!!


*Steps delicately onto her soapbox.*  So I know it makes all kinds of people to make the world go round, but I have seriously had my fill of snarky doll people.  It’s one thing to be snarky, but to be snarky over a hunk of plastic that can break if you sneeze wrong at it, are not necessarily better quality than the next doll, or it isn’t even your own doll, it just freaking blows my mind!  So let me explain about this little rant.

I was on Youtube and watched a doll video on there from someone I subbed to.  Now this person happens to be a young girl between 12-14 and she is a doll collector and she seems to be well off because her parents buy her a ton of Pullip dolls and whatnot.  She knows a lot of about Pullip dolls and takes care of her dolls.  Well in the side videos on the page her video was playing I saw a video with a playset I own so I decided to look at it.  It was a silly video of a young girl playing with Pullip dolls and someone, I’m assuming her mom, was filming her play with them.  You wouldn’t believe how many people attacked this video calling it dumb and being angry at the parents for letting her play with Pullips like they are Barbies.  Now I don’t care how expensive a doll is, 1) she was a young girl who might read the comments and be really hurt by then, and 2) it’s a freaking doll and it was her doll.  So why is it any of their business how she plays with them.  If she breaks it its not taking any money out of their pocket.  It doesn’t bring down the value of their doll.  So why should they give a rat’s behind about it?  It won’t make the company stop producing the dolls.  If anything it will make them produce more dolls because they will need to replace some broken dolls out there.

I don’t know why I am so angry about this.  I guess it’s just we are a freaking community here and we all are in it for the same thing, the dolls and to share our love of dolls.  Why attack each other.  I mean they even debated on if the family could afford the dolls and basically said they are not well off so why let her play with expensive dolls?  It just angers me so much. I know, we are not all equal in the doll community and it reflects community in general, but damn it ticks me off.  Just hate judgmental people.  If people want to buy dolls and let them live on a shelf collecting dust well then that’s on them.  There is no reason to attack people who choose to enjoy their dolls.  Ugh!  Ok, I’m fine.  I just needed to rant.  *Delicately steps off her soapbox.*

Thanks for reading my hot-headedness guys.  Smile  I’m back to happy posts as usual next time.  Smile  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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  1. I hear you! I go to some sites related to dolls like Blythe and Silkstone Barbies and I'm pretty surprised by the number of people who act as though those dolls are too good for children to play with.I wouldn't want to hand over an expensive toy to a brat I knew would destroy it in a minute but I know if I had a daughter who played as nicely as I did as a child I wouldn't hesitate to buy her those dolls -of course not necessarily the rare collector versions unless she was actually into that .Dolls are toys first. and investments a very distant second,especially those like Pullips,Blythe and Silkstones which,whether their owners want to face the truth or not,are just a little less mass marketed than ordinary dolls but still won't rise in value the way the first Barbies did once whatever craze they are a part of passes.That whole MIB thing that is going on seems so pointless and tacky to me .


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