Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Barbie reproduction I’d like to see.

So today I was thinking about all the reproduction Barbie dolls Mattel has been putting out and I began to think about what kind of reproduction I’d  like to see done.  I thought about all the Barbie dolls out there and couldn’t find out I really wanted to be reproduced.  But then I began to think “outside of the box”.  What if Mattel reproduced items they made for Barbie instead of the actual Barbie?

Now I know that Mattel has spit out Ferrari after Ferrari for the gal as well as house after house for her, but I’m talking about originals.  I want reproductions of the original first releases of such items.  One item in particular is the very first Barbie Dream House.  Smile

I don’t know what it is about this house but I think it’s just awesome.  I love everything about it. I love how it’s a nice size house and the furniture is simple.  All cardboard cutouts that Barbie can comfortably use, and I love the style of the furniture as well.  It’s just perfect.  I would love if Mattel reproduced the Barbie Dream House.  It would be for collectors anyway so they wouldn’t have to produce many like they do with the current dream houses and furniture sets.  I wonder if Mattel would listen for customer suggestions?  LOL!  Here are some pictures of the Barbie Dream House.


So the accessories included with the Barbie Dream House were as follows.  1 twin bed, 1 coffee table, 1 tv and record player console, 1 sofa, 1 matching chair and ottoman, 1 vanity chair, 1 mirror, 1 table lamp, 2 sets of books, 6 record albums (Letterman, The Preps, Vic Damon. Kingston Trio, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra), 1 picture of Ken, 2 pink pillows, 2 yellow pillows, and 1 blue pillow.  All of this was cardboard of course, but I think cardboard makes for more imaginative play.  It kind of makes me think of the wooden toys from back in the day.

I think another thing that impresses me is how the whole thing is boxed in and is the perfect set of picture taking.  There’s no needing to set everything up, it’s already done.  Rearrange the furniture as you want and perfect set.  And as I have said before, you don’t need a ton of props take good pictures or tell good stories.  You just need some creativity.  You could always add little props here and there if you want to make it look less “cardboardy” and more “homey” if you want.  But this Barbie house is pretty good as is.  Think about it, it’s got decorations, the windows have scenes in them, and it’s tall enough so you could make it seem like the whole thing is completely closed in.  Perfect.  Smile  I can already picture how I would use this house for stories.  If a Mattel higher up happens upon my blog, could you please consider doing an original Barbie Dream House reproduction.  I swear I don’t want any credit or part of the proceeds for my part in coming up with an awesome idea.  I just want a chance to own that house.  LOL!

So tell me, is there anything you wish Mattel would reproduce?  It doesn’t have to be just Barbie dolls, it can be items made for Barbie dolls, or even anything outside of the Barbie line.  I’m super curious what other people would to see reproduced.  Who knows, maybe one day one of us will get lucky.  Open-mouthed smile

So what else is going on in the land of, well me?  Humm, oh yeah, comments, I’ll be catching up on them between now and Monday.  Sorry I haven’t caught up on them yet.  Just bee dealing with life and not feeling well and death of a pet and etc., but I do greatly appreciate them and feel honored you leave them for me.  So all will be responded to by Monday.  What else?

So I told myself I was never going to get into the Liv doll craze, not even for body donations.  I liked Barbie and the Fashionista line so I was going to stick with that.  Then I saw a Liv doll on clearance at Walmart and brought one home.  Yeah, the next day my mom and I went out to get her one and she got me another one.  Then I hit the internet in search of more info about them and found one of the first waves on sale on Amazon and had to get her.  I had seen the first wave around but just refused to get into it.  Even when the Christmas before last Walmart had the whole first wave for 10 dollars each and I still said no.  Well I was the fool because after I got my first first wave doll I had to have them all.  And I did get them all.  Plus others.  Then I learned how you could customize them, change their eyes, and well now I am just addicted to them.  I want to get some and try customizing them.  They are kind of like my cheaper version of Blythe right now.  LOL!  I want to try customizing Blythe dolls one day, but they are expensive so I thought I’d try my hand and Liv dolls to answer that creative need.  And who knows, maybe someone will want to buy one from me.  If not, that’s ok, they are more than welcome to stay with me.  LOL!  So I have no added Liv dolls to the list of dolls I want to create for.  I can’t wait to get the new guy doll and I’d really like the new Alice in Wonderland dolls.  I also want to see if Walmart puts their wigs on clearance and get a couple of those to keep and reroot.  I have one reroot planned on a Hayden wig I don’t want to keep as is.  I’ll have to introduce you guys to my girls one day soon.  Humm, is there anything else I wanted to talk about?  I guess that’s about it.  That’s a pretty good post for this Wednesday evening.  Oh wait, there is one more thing I wanted to mention.

kids couple
Happy Birthday graphics comment

I wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to my mom and close friend Robin today.  Both of these lovely ladies got another year better today.  I’d also like to wish my brother a happy birthday today.  He would have turned 34 today.  Yep my mom gave birth to him on her birthday.  I won’t tell you which one so you can’t figure out her age.  She might kill me for that breech of confidence.  Winking smile  But the doctors in the hospital sang happy birthday to her when she let them know it was her birthday and then they said well now you can respect what your mother went through all those years ago when she gave birth to her.  And no they didn’t say “all those years ago” they said the actual years she was, but once again, trade secret.  Don't tell anyone smile  It’s crazy how time flies.  I can’t believe he would have been 34 today.  It’s just weird.  It just feels like it was yesterday that he passed away, and he was 22.  So yeah, pretty weird.  Well I think I’ve finally gotten everything out I wanted to say today.  Yay!!!  LOL!

Well I will talk to you all later.  I’m off to work on my bookmarks some more so I can get organized and finally start visiting all the cool forums and sites I bookmarked to come back to later.   Geez, that didn’t work out well.  I promise I am going to get some rhyme and reason to my cluttered bookmarks.  Wish me luck. LOL!  Bye for now guys.  Smile

Loves ya,


  1. I love that house, I so want one, I keep watching them on ebay. I have been for like a year, lol, haven't pulled the trigger yet. But, you know me, I have to have just the right one. They might look the same to everyone else, but I'm waiting for the one that screams buy me! I'm the one! (Plus I'm cheep, hehe) The construction is just so cool! It would be awesome if they remade this, though you know they'd do it all in sparkly pink. :P The awesome vivid colors are the best part!

    And I'm super anxious to see one of the Liv guys up close & see what their articulation is like. If they can make a jointed playline guy better than the new jointed Fashionistas, they're really going to have something! You haven't seen any yet, have you? I forget the release date on those. Anyhoo. Looking forward to seeing some customized stuff from you!

  2. All I can say is -Great minds think alike.I bought a Silkstone for my mother last year and, honestly, she looked out of place in the gaudy plastic houses Mattel puts out.Like Grace Kelly in a trailer park.
    So a couple of months later I got her the first Dreamhouse and think I'll buy the 2nd Dreamhouse and Fashion Shop this summer.Even as ratty as the house I could afford was-I'm still in grad school-with just a bit of white glue and paint touch-ups it looked pretty close to mint.I hear they went to plastic because it's more durable but I never see Barbie Houses even as recent as from the 90s that have held up this well unless they are MIB.


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