Thursday, January 6, 2011

I don’t know if I want to share the fun after all.

Last one for the road kiddies, I swear. When I was looking for the proper embed code for the Barbie Dream House I remembered seeing an ad video for the 2006 Barbie Dream House and wanted to go back and look at it.  When I watched this video at first I thought it was a cute little sing-song ad.  That is until after Barbie got the girls into the house and went upstairs for a minute.  Have a look to see if you caught what I caught.

So like I said, it starts off all sing-song about sharing with Barbie.  Let’s share some fun, some music, some magic, oh and we can’t forget to share the laughs.  But after we share the laughs it gets a bit weird.  The sing-song turned very serious when we were suddenly “sharing the fun” in the bathroom.  Umm, what?  What the heck does flushing a toilet have to do with fun?!?  Umm I don’t know about you, but I am so not interested in sharing the fun with anyone when they are using the bathroom, nor during pre or post bathroom use time.  Then after this it gradually gets worse.  Now we are sharing in cleaning up the bathroom.  Then we are sharing doing Barbie’s laundry.  Then we see Barbie walk by all innocent, but at the end we see her poor friends looking out the door right before it is slammed in their faces.  By this time the sing-song has gotten eerily creepy and I was no longer interested in the 2006 Barbie Dream House.  LOL!  Ok, in all honesty I never was interested in the 2006 Barbie Dream House, but I was curious about the ad, and I’m so glad I went back to look at it.  Ok, come on, is that ad not creepy?  Maybe the kids didn’t see that and thought the bathroom scene was funny, but it just weirded me out.  LOL!  I don’t think I’m going over to Barbie’s house any time soon.  Smile

Ok, now I’m seriously off.  Research awaits me.  Bye for now guys.

Loves ya,

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  1. I am hallucinating or did Barbie shut her friends in the closet!?!
    Too weird!!
    All kidding aside,the tempo is also too manic,compare this to the ad for the first dreamhouse.
    Nowadays,Mattel just tries too hard to make playing with dolls seem exciting and active when actually it is mostly quiet and relaxing like crafting.


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