Friday, January 7, 2011

Before and After

So today I was hunting around the interwebs and found a Flickr group that took items that were either disliked or destined for the dump and changed it into something beautiful.  It got me to thinking about dolls and how some crafty people in the community can take a doll that is either disliked or is destined for the dump and make it into something beautiful.  I decided to hunt down some pictures of those dolls and share them here with you.  Have a look.


But it looks like toy companies are getting into the before and after craze as well.  Seems that Disney decided to redo their Disney Princess line and revamp their girls to look closer to the Disney Movie character.  Here are some of them.

It’s kind of eerie how much closer to the Disney characters that the dolls look now.  Pretty cool.  Seeing all these transformations inspires me even more to try customizing again.  I have been looking at pictures of models for make-up ideas and hair styles.  I’m thinking of trying something crafty this weekend if I feel up to.  The day before last I had a horrible acid reflux attack and have been feeling really bad since.  Looks like a doctor’s appointment is in my near future and I’m freaking out about it.  First doctor’s appointment since I was a teen.  Yep, been that long.  It’s about time I suppose.  Sad smile  But I’ll admit it, I’m a big chicken about it.  Oh well.  I need help and I’m tired of living this way.  Well, I am off people, talk to you all later.

Loves ya,

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