Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another day another doll…dress? *Warning, Doll Nipples Ahead!*

Hello my lovelies, how are you all doing today?  Me?  A hair better, but still dealing with acid that refuses to give me any kind of peace.  I’m hoping a does of Prilosec OTC will conquer this dragon of a beast finally.  Fingers crossed tight for me people please.  I reallyyyy need this to work.
But since I’m still not feeling well, this still leave me with nothing to really blog about today.  No projects have been started yet.  My shop still remains empty.  No interesting doll pictures have been taken.  Nothing people.  Sad smile  Sorry.  I so like being an entertaining hostess, but I just can’t force myself to do it right now.  And I so want to feel better very soon so I can sit up long enough to watch some tv.  Smidge Girl’s furniture is going to be on tv Friday!!!  And this girl has got to see it.  Been looking forward to that, so yes I have to feel better.  Smile 
But then that leads me to today.  What do I talk about in this post?  I do know!!!  Hummm.  Oh well, here’s a question for you.  Look at the picture below.
Am I the only one that noticed the doll dress first before seeing the rest of the picture?  LOL!  Then I noticed the dress behind it which I love the color on and wish I could see more of.  But yeah, I was just wondering if I was the only weird one out there.  LOL!
Hummm, well I guess that is it for my weirdness today.  I’m going to close now and leave you with this interesting stop motion video of to Cy Girls fighting it out.  Warning there are enhanced doll boobies at the end of the video, so don’t view at work or in front of kids if you are worried about someone seeing some doll nip.  Enjoy.
Talk to you crazy cats later.
Loves ya,

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  1. LMAO, what a crazy vido. I like their squeaky voices, lol. And I so totally only noticed the doll dress! Then I started looking at all the other stuff, since I felt like I should, but I got bored and went straight back to the doll dress! Hope you're feeling better, sweetie! Fingers crossed you're in tip top shape soon! Hugs!


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