Monday, January 10, 2011

I’ve got nothing.

Hey all, I meant to make today’s post interesting, but I’ve really got nothing really.  I’m still not feeling well so I decided to just give you something fun to look at in form of doll photostories on Flickr.  Click the links below and enjoy.

Blythe Photo Stories


Sin in the City

Small Scale Crime

Parisian Stories

Sorry guys, the next post will be more interesting, promise.  I just don’t feel good today.  The weather is blah also, yes Sarah I agree, and so I’ve decided to just take it easy today.  I am looking forward to Spring, I need some color to look at.  I don’t mind it being cold but it’s so bleak in the Winter and I need my spirits lifted up.  Meh, tomorrow is another day right?  Thumbs up   Bye for now guys.

Loves ya,

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