Monday, November 22, 2010

Dollhouse building with Darlybird.

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Ok, so as some of you know, I’m desperately waiting for the day to come where I will be called mommy.  And during that wait I like to read mommy blogs and read their stories about how they raise their children…I consider it studying and note-taking while I am waiting.  Anyway, through one of these blogs I found my way to another mommy blog called Darlybird, where the lass/mommy who writes the blog decided last year to make a dollhouse for her little girls.  She first showed off the doll house which I really liked the look of.  She did pretty good considering she’s not a collector and she made a lot of stuff by hand by getting creative.  She then got some questions about how she made her dollhouse and decide to post how she came to make her house.  In one of her posts it kind of made me giggle how she came across “something called Re-ment” and she fell in love.  Remember when we all had that fall in love moment with Re-ment?   I know I do.  Smile  But yeah, she found them on Ebay and went to town with it.  She also did some shopping in thrift stores, dollar stores, and craft stores and created some very interesting pieces and interesting rooms.  I wanted to share her posts with you all, so feel free the click the links below to learn how she made the house in the picture above.

The Doll House
Preamble: The Dollhouse
Dollhouse Demystified--Part 1
Dollhouse Demystified --- Part 2
Dollhouse Demystified Part 3: RE-MENT
Dollhouse Demystified--- Part 4: Ideology and Clothing

In the first post about the dollhouse the mommy blogger mentioned that you could also make a “dollhouse” for your son too, and it got me to thinking.  How would you make a “dollhouse” for your son?  I was thinking you could make a military headquarters for them to play in, or a really neat car garage to play in.  But then again, I wouldn’t be against making an actual dollhouse for them, just with less pinks and focusing on more blues.  Maybe making a Ken doll or G.I. Joe a bachelor pad.  I think it would be fun and inventive to try to turn this around for a boy.  Smile

So the mommy of Darlybird mentions in her last post about the dollhouse that she didn’t want her daughters to play with Barbie, but when she was pregnant with her second daughter she came across the highly controversial Pregnant Midge doll all that changed.  She thought it would be fitting for her daughter to have the doll since she was pregnant and it would be a nice teaching aid showing her little one how her new sibling would come into the world, in Barbie terms of course.  Winking smile  She didn’t want her girls to play with Barbie because she worried about image issues and the lack of clothing Barbie tends to be “not” wearing.  So her and her hubby came up with an idea, to buy all their Barbie clothing from Etsy.  I think this is a great idea.  It helps to support the handmade movement, you will get better quality items, and you get more conservative and nicer looking items for your dolls.  I think if I have girls I will go this way too while also making them clothes for their dolls too.

So yeah, just wanted to share Darlybird’s dollhouse with you.  I think she did a great job and was very crafty and creative with it.  She wishes she could make another one this year because it was so fun.  I was thinking instead of making a new one maybe she could have modeled it.  Freshen things up or change things around or add to it.  I mean, I don’t see a closet in the house, and we all know Barbie has a wardrobe that would make Mariah Carey’s wardrobe look like…well mine.  LOL!  She could go all out purchasing new clothing for her daughter’s dolls and making a fancy walk-in closet for them.  She could also consider adding a garage to the house.  And the top of the house looks naked.  I bet it would look nice with a rooftop garden or patio.  So much potential there.  I really hope I have a girl or two who's into dolls.  But heck, even if she’s into G.I. Joe we are SO making a dollhouse together.  LOL!  Ok, talk to you all soon.  Bye for now.  Smile

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  1. Wow, what a lovely house you have made. You have lots of creativity in yourself. Keep it up.


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