Monday, November 29, 2010

Have you met Andy Mills?

So I was hunting around the web today looking for the price of Doll Reader, I got a gift certificate to spend at Barnes&Noble and I was thinking of getting a Doll Reader.  So I went to the website to get an idea on the price and saw on there front page about Tonner’s new doll named Andy Mills.



Andy Mills is a new character in Tonner’s popular Cami & Jon line, not that I ever heard of the Cami & Jon line.  LOL!  The thing that caught my attention was that Andy is an openly gay male.  He’s an event planner in Manhattan and Tonner is going to basically tell his story about his life and the people he meets.  I find it so interesting that Tonner made a gay male fashion doll.  Andy is being said to be the first gay fashion doll out there.


Now while I think this was a big step for a company to make, I feel they didn’t do Andy justice in the looks department.  He’s not the sexiest guy out there and the quality of his face paint seems to lack when you think of Tonner quality.  From the pictures he kind of looks half done, you now what I mean?  It almost looks like a customizer sketched out where they wanted his features to go but they hadn’t officially painted and sealed him.  So he kind of looks odd.  And his hair looks like a wig instead of natural hair growing out of his head.  I don’t know, maybe I’m being to harsh, but that’s how I see him truly.

But besides his look I love the concept and cheer Tonner on in this new addition to their line.  What do you guys think about Andy?  Like him?  Hate him?  And what do you think about the concept of a gay doll?  I love it and I think it’s about time.  Smile

But you know, I never did find out how much a Doll Reader was.  Anyone know?  I was guessing around 8-10 dollars, but a year subscription is roughly 30 dollars and it’s for 8 magazines.  So is it lower?  Humm, the search continues.

Oh and I thought I’d update you guys about the 2000 dollars worth of dolls from the last post.  My friend asked for closer pictures and the person said he couldn’t take better pictures because they would all end up looking the same.  He said to call him and he’d give her details over the phone.  So she said she couldn’t because her cell phone was broken and that she had a friend who was a big doll collector and his dolls were of interest to her.  So he sent her slightly bigger versions of the original pictures.  Have a looksie.

Ok, so who here notices that a big bulk of those dolls are NOT Mattel dolls?  A big bulk of them are dollar store quality dolls with dollar store quality clothing on them.  And he still wanted the 2000 dollars for them.  A couple of hours after my friend talked to him, the seller reposted about the dolls for 2000 dollars.  I don’t get it and I will never understand it but oh well.  I guess he needs to money for something, but I feel this is a scam.  I don’t feel he owns the dolls at all or he would have taken a picture or two for my friend.  If you want that kind of money you will bend over backwards to entice a potential buyer.  So yeah, scam written all over it.  Humm perhaps I should try the Nigerian scam on him since I know I won’t get the dolls.  I kid people!  I kid!  Smile with tongue out  Ok, I am off.  Still working on my Nano.  I will return very soon with hopefully daily posts again.

Loves ya,

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