Monday, November 8, 2010

Melly Kay Customs

MY 1st custom GIVEAWAY! You have a chance to WIN this girl!!

Hey guys, I am back with another post.  I couldn’t sleep due to tummy issues so I thought I’d try to catch up on some blogs.  I stopped over at a blog I’ve just recently started reading and saw she was having a giveaway in her first interview on BlytheLife.  So I thought I’d take this mo’ to tell you guys about Melly Kay, her creations, her interview, and her giveaway.


Can we go somewhere??

I first learned about Melly Kay through a crafty blog, one of my other fave kind of blogs to read.  She was heavy into making miniature clay food.  If you click that link you will be take to a picture of clay peaches she made.  Just looking at them makes your mouth water at the thought of how good a peach would taste right at this minute.  Her clay foods don’t stop there either.  If you look at the whole set you will see a wide variety of foods from cakes to breads to even meat.

Eeeeee I just can't get enough of her

Around January of this year Melly Kay started customizing Blythe dolls with her unique sense of whimsy.  I love what she can do with some hair, pastels, color pencils, paint, and eye chips.  She creates a unique look with each doll she customizes.

I'll miss these girls!

The girls above are some recent commissions she’s done.  Aren’t they beautiful?  And each one so unique.  I am always in awe of Melly Kay’s work.  You can click on any picture to be taken to her interview to learn more about her and her love of Blythe.  If you are interested in seeing more of her work check out her Flickr account.  If you are interested in reading her main blog check out Cute Stew that is currently undergoing a blog change that is sure to very interesting.  Or you can check out her Blythe commissions blog at Melly Kay Customs where you will see plenty of Blythe eye-candy.

Now for something really exciting.  Remember the pretty girl at the top of the post?  Well, if you go read her interview you can enter a drawing to possibly win one of her latest creations.  I was so excited to see that Bellatrix Gamma Ray is up for grabs.  I seriously hope I win, but I know whoever gets her will treasure and be envied by all.  Smile  So head on over to BlytheLife and read Melly Kay’s interview.  You’ll get some more incite to who she is and you can enter to win Bellatrix!  What’s not to love about the whole thing?  Smile  Good luck…but not too much luck…I really want her for my own.  Winking smile  Ok, talk to you guys later.  Be good until next I post.  Oh and if you haven’t read the previous post, please do and take my poll.  You don’t even have to read the whole post to take the poll.  Thanks in advance.  Smile

Loves ya,

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