Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ever wonder why?

You ever wonder why certain people come and go from our lives and though you are sure they were there for a reason you really can’t explain why o4 what that reason was.  I like to think people come into your life to better your life in a positive way.  But I've recently learned that some people come in your life to better it but in in a negative way.  I’ve learned a lot this past year about people and I’m glad I met a certain individual who taught me one of life’s hard lessons to learn.  If you read this, I wish you well and hope that you do well in life and can finally do all the things you set out to do in life.  And I’m sorry things didn’t work out better between us.

If you are a dolly pal or a pal I am on talking terms with in general that ^^ was not aimed at you.  Smile  Now that I have closed the door on that little bit of drama for good, back on to dolly stuff.  Do you know it is virtually impossible to find Thanksgiving fabric?!?  I mean I went several places in town and I found some in Hancock Fabrics, but nothing nice or grossly out of scale even for Blythe who can handle slight scale shift.  At Hobby Lobby and Joann’s they only had harvest related fabrics.  *sigh*  Thanksgiving, the poorly misunderstood and unloved holiday.  Well I’m sure it’s loved for it’s yummy foods, football, and Black Friday planning, but other than that, nothing.  Well it was after a hard day of hunting that my mom came up with a grand idea.  Surely I can find Thanksgiving ribbon in town.  I can sew it onto the project I want to make.   And then my mom said if I can’t find ribbon I can always cross stitch a turkey onto the item.  Hummm…true.  Let’s just say I’d rather find the ribbon, but then again how much time could cross stitching a little turkey take?  Ok just asking that makes me realize how long it will actually take.  LOL!

But that is what I am working on at present.  Oh that and packaging and business cards.  I like my packaging idea.  It pulls from The Goodie Bag that I once had as my shop.  I’ll show you what my packaging looks like when I get it all done.  So yeah, that’s about it.  Nothing exciting really going on.  Kind of wish there was.  I’m bored in a big kind of way, but hopefully that will pass.  Oh one cool thing, I heard through as friend of my mom’s that there is a place in town beside Kroger that sells gluten-free food.  So I am going to go check that out some time in the next week.  And my boyfriend, he’s so cute, he was in the store yesterday buying some food and he saw gluten-free oatmeal and though of me.  I can’t be the only one who sees little things our guys do as being cute, right?  Winking smile 


Humm, I feel this post is naked for some reason.  Let me leave you with some dancing music.  I’ve been jamming to this all evening.  Enjoy.  Smile

Ok, talk to you lovelies later.

Loves ya,

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