Saturday, November 13, 2010

Windows XP error 0x24 or Stop 0x24 message.

Hey all, this is just a quick post I’ve been meaning to type up.  A while back my other laptop, that still needs it’s casing fixed. Sad smile, had an error message when I tried to log into windows.  It was a Stop 0x24 message.  Now, while I consider myself somewhat techie, I had a problem fixing this.  My computer wouldn’t log on, it wouldn’t accept my backup disk, and I couldn’t get in there to run a Check Disk.  So I thought I had to get a professional to fix it.  But I was worried about someone seeing things on my computer that I wouldn’t be there to explain.  Example being me with my hair a mess or a ton of doll pictures, some of them nude…those were for comparison pictures people and you’ve seen them all here.  LOL!  But not only was that a problem, the thought of losing all my files was a problem too.  I had a lot of stuff that couldn’t be replaced.  That wasn’t sitting so well with me.  So I tried searching for another option.  It was through my sister I found one.

Her friend introduced her to the free operating system Ubuntu.  She let me borrow her disk and I suddenly had access to my files.  Woo hoo!  Ubuntu save my files!  Now wait a minute!  Get back here!  Don’t go running off to get the dang thing just yet.  There’s a process I went through in order to do this and if you do it another way you may lose you files either way.

Ok, so here goes.  First, you need another computer to do this.  Most of us have at least two computers in our pad or a really good friend who can help us out, so get thee to that computer.  Second. you are going to need something to put Ubuntu on.  My sister burned it onto a disk.  I’m not sure if it would work on a flash drive, but you can try it out.  Ok, once you have that, pop it into your affected computer.  It’ll load up Ubuntu and give you the option to use it from the source or to install it.  DON’T INSTALL IT!!!  If you plan on keeping your files then just use Ubuntu from the disk.  If not then go ahead and install.

Once Ubuntu fully loads, Now it’s been a while since I used it, but the tabs at the top of the desktop are what you are going to use.  The work similar to Windows with drop down menus.  You are looking for something that says “local disk”.  I believe it’s under the first tab.  When you click on that you can gain access to your documents.  From this point you can put in a flash drive and save your files.  I also had files on my desktop I wanted, so I had to go and search for my desktop to find it and get my files.  I can’t remember what that was listed under but it’s under the same link.

Once you get all your files off your computer and safely stored away, you are going to want to restart your computer.  I’m not sure if it will work by simply restarting it from the menu or if you will have to turn it off and turn it back on, but you want to get back to that screen that offers to install Ubuntu.  When you get back there you want to click to install it now.  This will take a bit, but once it is install it will have completely wiped out Windows XP from your system.  This is what you want.  Now you can decide to keep Ubuntu if you want.  It’s not a bad system, but you have to log onto the internet with an Ethernet cable and a lot of things won’t work on it and you will have to find Ubuntu alternatives for it.  So I decided to go back to good old Windows XP.

So if you want Windows XP back, you are going to want to put your recovery disk or Windows XP disk into the computer reinstall it.  Now here’s the kicker.  Once it’s all installed, you will have to go find all your drivers because Ubuntu took all those suckers out.  Now it may be a little tricky to find them due to the fact that Microsoft stopped having support for Windows XP, but you can start here to find the drivers. I was lucky and did this before they stopped the support.  But the drives are out there.  I’m on a Vista computer right now or I’d try it out to see how it works.  If anyone tries it, let me know how easy or hard it was to find.

After you get your drivers back, all that’s left to do is put all your files back on your computer and reinstall your programs and it’s business as usual.  Smile  It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to do all this.  Now I know there are many ways to fix this problem, but this was the one I found worked easiest for me, and I thought I’d just share it with whoever may be in need of this.  I don’t know if this error is with other versions of Windows, but I assume that this method would work much the same way.  So good luck and I hope I could help you with your computer problem.

Loves ya,

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