Friday, November 19, 2010

*In sing-song voice.* Guess who glutened?

*Raises hand and waves it like a maniac in the air.*  Oooo!  Ooooo!  Meee!  Meeee!!!  Yep yours truly has gotten herself in a fine pickle, and it wasn’t “technically” my fault.  Ok, so since going gluten-free I’ve had to give up a lot of my fave munchies.  Which was fine with me until a couple of weeks ago.  I was CRAVING something crunchy.  Something that wasn’t mushy like the mashed potatoes and pasta that I’d been eating.  So I was wondering if Cheetos was gluten-free.  I went to the Frito-Lay website and saw that a lot of their stuff is gluten-free, but here’s the rub.  Their food is processed on machinery that is only washed down in between batches of gluten-full stuff and gluten-free stuff.  So there is a chance of CC.  Well I figured, since they are boasting on their website that their foods are indeed gluten-free that getting CC was a slim chance.  I was wrong.  So wrong.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been snacking on the cheesy yum-yums thinking I finally found something to make me feel “normal” again.  That is until earlier this week.  I noticed my tummy hurt after eating Cheetos.  At first I thought it was the cheese or grease or salt.  But then as time went on I noticed I got stomach pain, acid, and flushed and rashy face.  Uh oh.  Come to find out, a lot of people with gluten intolerance got sick after eating Cheetos.  Well…damn.  Sad smile  So I have officially given up the “cheesy crack” that I lovingly called it, and called it a sick day.  Well that was yesterday and yep, I’m still sick.  Sad smile  Trying not to focus on it right now, but I am really bad off tonight.  I know I won’t be getting any peace tonight.  I took some Tums and I feel a tiny bit better.  Maybe I will get a little sleep tonight.  All I know is I am going to start counting calories again today and sticking with only the items I know are gluten-free.

I baked some Betty Crocker Gluten-Free cookies today and I have mixed reviews on them.  They are made from the same stuff as the Betty Crocker Yellow Cupcakes.  At first I didn’t like the smell or taste of the cupcakes but when they got cold I liked them better.  Now with the cookies, they had the same smell, and straight out of the oven they were very crumbly.  Now in order to mix the cookie dough I had to stick my hand in the bowl and mash it all together because it just was so crumbly and wouldn’t mix in so I wasn’t surprised that they were the same straight out of the over.  But if you let it sit a few minutes…like it says on the box Embarrassed smile, they actually looked like normal chocolate chip cookies.  The taste was ok, but even using a stick of butter they missed that buttery taste and well I guess the taste of “regular” flour.  It’s something I could get used to I’m sure of it, and it really isn’t that bad, but I miss the old taste of chocolate chip cookies.  Meh, I’ll get over it.  And if anything it makes me crave cookies less.  I still have a big hunk of the batch I made in the fridge and my family helped me with a few of them.

But yeah I’ve been dealing with feeling icky as of late.  I need to catch up with people online, and I’m so sorry if I have not responded to you yet, but I just have wanted to lay in bed and finish watching a Korean drama I started a while ago.  It ended ok, but I wish it would have ended a slightly different way.  If anyone is curious, “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox” is super cute.  You’ll have to do a bit of searching to find it, but just it’s worth it.  Mi Ho is soooo cute and you can’t help but smile and laugh at her antics.

But that’s all I have to say in this post.  Just trying to touch base with you all.  I have some doll stuff I wanted to chat about, but I will do that in another post coming up in a few minutes.  Bye until then.

Loves ya,

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