Monday, July 25, 2011

Epic Picture Of Epic Epicness Proportions

So you know how you start on one “end of the internet” and while playing your own version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon you end up on something totally off the topic of the item you originally went after, but it ended up being epic so you were copasetic with it?  Yeah, that just happened to me tonight.  Open-mouthed smile

So I was watching one of the “popular” YouTubers and their little show and I found my way through their show to another video that lead me to a website blog that I had been to before months ago.  I decided to see what craziness it had on it today and I found myself looking at the most epic picture.

Now let me just say, I am not a fan of anime drawing.  Wait, wait, wait, wait.  Let me correct myself.  I’m not a big fan of “Pokémon” style of anime drawing.  The pointy nose with just a triangle of shadow for definition.  All the characters looking the same and only being able to be told the difference between them by their hair and sometimes their voices.  And just the whole flat look of the style.  I am just not a fan and try to avoid it when I can.  Now, that’s not to say some pictures in that style can’t be done well, and I found one today ladies and gentlemen.  Take a looksie.  Open-mouthed smile




Now you cannot tell me that is not awesome!  I wonder how long it took to make?  It’s just so awesome.  Now this isn’t full size of course, very sadly I needed to edit it for the blog, so click on the “source” link to go to the blog entry and see the full size of it.  I mean I literally worked on this picture for over an hour to try to get it to a size any of my image hosts would take.  Denied everywhere.  So I had to do the chop in half, and it still got distorted.  Sorry about that.  But you get the idea.  It’s so epic.  Smile

I want to make a print of this to frame so badly.  See I am dragging my Potter fandom out.  I have not seen the movie yet, and NO don’t tell me about it!  Sure, I read the book, went to the midnight release and read it in less than 12 hours.  So I know who wins in the end.  But I kept hearing they wouldn’t tell if they were going to do the epilogue in the movie and I’m so excited about seeing if they did.  And of course I want to see how epicly this movie series ends.  So don’t say anything please!!!  I plan to see it on my birthday with my sister and anyone else who plans to come.  So excited, and of course that picture makes it moreso.

Oh, and let me just say thank you to those of you out there who are not ruining it for other who have not seen the movie yet.  I thought for sure I’d come across some Potter leaks due to a lot of people online I talk to or read their stuff they tend to be Potter fans.  But they have all been nice and not said how it ends for those who haven’t read the book and they aren’t telling how the movie is.  Kudos guys.

And well I guess that’s all I wanted to share with you guys today.  I am still working on my novel, and dreading a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  I’ll say it here, my doctor intimidates me.  She’s a cool doctor, has a lot of good advice, she just seems to lack the people skills.  I mean I do too, but when I am stressed out about being at the doctor the last thing I need is to wonder if she is like this with everyone or just me.  So I am worried she will “slap me on the hand” for not having lost weight in the month since I saw her last.  Technically I did lose weight…and then I put it back on through stress.  Easy go easy come.  I’m not giving up on it, just worried about what she will say.  I mean she didn’t say anything about my weight the past two times we met until I brought it up.  I know my weight is affecting my health so I am ok with talking about it to try to get it off of me.  But in the same breath I don’t want to be reprimanded about it.  You know what I mean?  So yeah, kind of nervous about that.  Oh well, nothing I can do now except be honest with her tomorrow and tell her I will give it the old college try again.

*sigh*  Ok, seriously going now.  Talk to you all soon.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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