Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Magic Beyond Words: The J. K. Rowling Story

So while in Jackson Pearce’s live chat tonight, one of the chatters mentioned the Lifetime movie “Magic Beyond Words: The J. K. Rowling Story”.  Bet you can’t guess what it was about.  Here’s a hint, it had something to do with Harry Potter.  Winking smile   Anyway, this person said it was amazing and posted a link to Lifetime’s website to watch it.  I headed on over there, because I’m so interested in Rowling and how she went from hard times to successful living.  I’ve just finished the movie and while it was a wee bit corny with a bit of “Hollywood” magic thrown in there to make the story “pop” more, it was pretty good.  I saw I didn’t have all my facts straight on her previous life before Harry fandom and was in more awe to see what she went through and how everything just came to be.

Watching this movie made me see that I should keep going with my writing.  I’m rusty with it, at best, but I’m doing it.  One word at a time.  So I’ve decided to finish the novel I am working on now, work on a second novel for Camp Nanowrimo for August, and then I am returning to my original novel “Jumper”.  It’s kind of weird, but from watching the movie I think I see why it didn’t flow so well.  My characters aren’t right.  Their ages are off, and there story is off a bit too.  But now thier story is coming to me.  While I never got “Jumper” out of my mind, I hadn’t been actively writing it in my head like I used to.  Now I’m back to mentally making notes and I take this as a sign as I am finally ready to write Andrea’s and Max’s story.  So come September I will start fully outlining it for two months and then hopefully write it all for Nanowrimo in November.  Here’s hoping.

And that’s about it.  I’m going to go work on my novel for this month, I slacked off the last two days so I only roughly have 2 days to finish it.  Talk about pressure, but I tend to write better under pressure.  Go figure.  LOL!  And hey, are you interested in watching that J. K. Rowling movie?  Check it out here.  Not sure if you can watch it outside of the States, so sorry if you can’t.  Enjoy it and I will talk to you guys real soon.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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  1. thanks for posting the link! I enjoyed watching it. hopefully it will be the kick in the butt that I need as well.


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