Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Wanna See Your Peacock

Hey all!  I’m back and in way better spirits than yesterday.  Smile  My thumb feels tons better, I am able to text, type, and crochet, if just a little bit slower.  And the pain has been gone since yesterday.  I haven’t taken the bandage off yet to look at it, but I will in a bit to clean it, then I will be getting back to the list of things I set for myself to do this week, that being emails, comments, sort bookmarks, make shop inventory, etc. And hey, the week is only half over so I still have tons of time, right?

But I did want to come back and show you guys the cute elephant I’ve been working on, but I only just finished it’s head this morning.  So I will do something else for you.  I will leave you with a funny video.  I won’t explain it since it wasn’t explained to me when I got the link, but the video is funny once you catch on to what is going on.  Now I’d say this is safe for work, but Katie Perry’s song “Peacock” is in the video, and I know she can be on the “risqué” side, so you may want to listen to this on low or mute if you know the song and think it’s to dirty for those around you.  I was more interested in the video and I can only recall the chorus being “I wanna see your peacock cock cock, your peacock cock cock.”  And well, I’m just thinking those words weren’t meant to be just “catchy”, if you get my drift.  I’m taking them as meaning animals or maybe a dance, and being catchy, and that’s that.  Smile  So enjoy the video, and I will talk to you all later.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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