Monday, July 25, 2011

Damn LiveJournal!

So as some of you know, I cross-post this blog to LiveJournal.  The post I recently put up for you guys I just now got to post on LiveJournal, 12 hours later practically.  But I found a cool website through it being down, and since I could finally upload my post, I’d consider the whole situation a win/win.  Here’s my post to LiveJournal talking about what happened and talking about the site.
Way to stress a girl out!  I have been trying to post a blog post since early this morning.  I thought my desktop publishing program was acting up on me again, but then I tried to load some LiveJournal blogs and for a while none came up, but then one came up for me later.  It was just wonky all day.  But it did lead me to find a cool website I never knew of.
I thought maybe someone hand mentioned LiveJournal downtime so I googled it and found a website that tells you if a website is down. Down Right Now, shows you through graphs and written details if a website is down.  Right now it’s saying LiveJournal is still having some trouble and that Blogger is having some iffy problems too.  Great, I wanted to post this on Blogger to share the website link.  I guess we’ll see if it is having trouble.  But I thought this site was pretty cool.  And you can leave reports too on if a website is working for you or not to help them collect information about website statuses.
But I’m glad I finally got to post my post, practically 12 hours later.  Am I bitter?  Maybe a bit.  But hey, technology, what are you gonna do?  Oh did you know LiveJournal also has a Twitter account?  I assumed it did, but never hunted it down.  It does and they seem to keep it up to date.  I decided to follow it, you know, just in case I need it.
Well I am off now.  I need to wash some clothes and then wash my hair, which can take forever.  Ugh!  Talk to you lovelies later.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya ,

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