Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Don’t you just kind of wish…


we could know the truth?  I won’t go into detail what I believe is the truth, but I will say in some form or way this little girl was robbed of justice.  I have been ignoring the case around her for years, but today paid attention because I had this gut feeling Casey would be found innocent of killing her.  And she was.  And my mom got really upset.  And I needed to be there for her to try to help her calm down.  My mom had sort of adopted Caylee because she was a young innocent baby and because her and I both have the same birthday, and we both have the middle name Marie.  So it just kind of made me my love her even more.  I couldn’t really pay attention to this case because I’m at the point in my life where I want children and couldn’t imagine mom killing her child when so many women and men out there want a child and can’t have one.  Sad smile  So I really hope the jury did not let a guilty woman go free and not give a little girl justice. But…it is what it is.  Life is life.  And sometimes it sucks.  And what really sucks is we will never really know who killed Caylee.  Sad smile

And that’s all that I wanted to talk about today guys.  Just feeling kind of blah.  I’m going to go back to working on my novel.  Still working on the outline some.  I should be in full force writing within a day two.  Here’s hoping.  Fingers crossed

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  1. Yes this verdict was terrible. I understand if you don't have enough evidence to convict but can you charge her for more than just lying to police? Sad day for justice.

  2. So glad to be able to read your blog again,every time I came on the last few months Windows would claim I had a virus and try to take control of my computer to install its own antivirus but using Firefox seems to have fixed things. I agree that Caylee's death is so sad but I think that as far as her mother's part in it the jury got it right.
    Considering that her boyfriends all stated that Casey really loved her daughter (and they should know better than that Grace Something on Fox who had been heading a lynch mob to boost her ratings)I think that poor baby's death really was an accidental drowning followed by a cover-up.Where I live(Quebec,Canada)we have pretty strict pool safety laws and still toddlers drown every week-end, not from neglect but because of parents thinking they can just pop in for a minute to get something not realizing that a child drowns in seconds because they don't think to fight the water ,they just breathe it in and die without making a sound.I think that woman just flipped out at the thought of how it would look and started lying and carrying on like an idiot,but my mom was an RN and in community outreach and says people just do the weirdest things to avoid blame even when they are not guilty of much ,in her experience the crazier people act the less guilty they actually turn out to be.She did get jail time and a record for lying though and that is more than justified.
    Take care ,Maricha


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