Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Don’t Do Facebook


Not anymore, at least.  Ah, Facebook, my mortal enemy.  Sucking up way to much of my time over things I usually ended up hating.  I first went over to Facebook when everyone else was still all crazy over MySpace.  I’m so not a follower when it comes to my friends, so I wanted to try something new.  Then everyone started going over there and got a point where people didn’t ask you “Do you have a Facebook?” but asked “What’s your Facebook?”, and I hated it.  It has gotten to a point where my friends have all but stopped calling me and messaging me and now if it isn’t done through Facebook then I am just SOL.

My friend once arranged a movie date on Facebook when she knew I didn’t go on Facebook.  I found her message weeks later and I asked her why she didn’t let me know she was free to see the movie.  She said she’d messaged me on Facebook about it.  I’m thinking, well if you saw I hadn’t responded why didn’t you just CALL ME?  Now this same friend will let months to half a year or more go by without saying anything to me unless I walk by her at her job and she only lives about 25 minutes away on the other side of town.  This just doesn’t make sense to me.  And my other friends don’t contact me unless they need something.  So it hit me, why am I on Facebook?  It’s not to “keep in touch”, because honestly I was wasting my time reading about how other people were living and enjoying their lives.  This time I could have spent on enjoying mine.  I mean, what is so hard about calling?  Why do I have to wish you a Happy Birthday on your Wall instead of calling you, knowing you won’t pick up anyway?  Is everyone really so detached???  I’d had my fill.

I’ve deactivated my account several times before, but always went back after a month or so.  This time I had to do something drastic to keep me off the damned site.  So I went in with bombs blazing and took out everything.  First I deleted all my “friends”.  Then I deleted all my “likes” and Fan Pages I followed.  Then I deleted my Wall.  Everything is completely gone.  I’m still a member of one club on there that is private, but everything else is gone.  I’m thinking of having them delete my account, but it seems like more work than it’s worth.  In order to delete it, you can’t touch your account for at least 2 weeks, but every site out there practically has it where you can log in with Facebook, and some sites I go to you can only log in with Facebook.  So I’d hate to accidentally log in and mess up the whole process.  So I will just live it sitting there, a reminder that I was once there, and move on with my life.  Now if my “friends” want to contact me, they will have to actually make some effort and call me.  I’m not expecting any calls.  That is of course, unless they need something.

But I can’t even begin to explain what a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders by finally saying good-bye to the place.  I plan to start using Twitter more, which I am ok with because you can actually have a conversation with people there.  I’ve got to stay in some form of social networking because of future plans for my future, but Twitter is a lot like blogging and commenting, so I can handle that.

And well, that’s what I have been up to lately.  Oh that and working on my novel.  Still working on outline, and yes it’s day seven.  I’m not sweating it yet.  I’ve still got 3 weeks to bust it out.  Smile  Plenty of time. Smile  Well, I just wanted to update you guys on what I’ve been up to.  I still have so much to do and so little time to do it in.  Ugh!  I need a longer day I tell you!  Oh before I forget, seems the insurance came through and my mom will be getting her heart monitor on the 12th.  I still want her to go to the doctor, but I guess I have to be patient.  Keep your fingers crossed that things will work out for her, will you?  Thanks in advance.  Talk to you lovelies soon.  Oh, and yes, I still have yet to catch up on comments, but thank you all for them and I will catch up and respond to them all very soon.  I promise.  Talk to you later.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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