Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chelle!!! What have you been up to?!?

Hey guys!  I know, blogging has still been sparse as of late, but I am still taking care of my health.  Goodness I can’t remember how much I have updated you guys here since I haven’t been focusing on blogging as of late.  I believe I told you that I have an underactive thyroid right?  Well since starting the pills, knock on wood, I’m already feeling a tiny bit better.  I was feeling exhausted and ready to go to bed ALL day long. Now I don’t feel that so much.  Yesterday I got on my exercise bike to try doing one mile, but when I looked up after reading for a while I saw I was almost at 5 miles so I did 5 miles and called it day.  Going to shoot for a mile to five miles each day and see how I feel.  Since going off the Prilosec I THINK I am noticing more stomach upset.  I THINK.  I’m not really sure if there is actually a difference.  But besides a little panic here and there I’m doing fine with it.  The windedness is easing up some.  I still think it is greatly attached to my stomach issues, but probably also my thyroid issue as well.  Hoping that will clear up soon too.  The only down side is trying to remember to take all my pills and when to take them.


A typical day is when I wake up I take my thyroid medicine since you need to take it when you first wake up on an empty stomach and with a full glass of water.  Then you wait an hour to an hour and half before eating.  Now this medicine needs time to absorb and some medicines keep it from absorbing.  If you take anything with iron, which I do now, you have to hold off taking it for 4 hours.  So I wait for hours before taking the iron.  After I take the iron then I wait an hour or so before taking my children’s gummie vitamins.  I can’t do the gigantic multivitamins so I do the children’s one which has adult dosages too.  The children’s one works for me as well because it has no iron in it, so I am not worrying about getting to much.  Then about and hour or a couple of hours later I take my fiber supplement since most of the stuff I take has trouble absorbing with fiber.  Then on Fridays I take a vitamin D pill instead of my gummie vitamin because the gummie vitamin says it supplies you with a full day’s worth of vitamin D.  Yeah and the doctors also wanted me to be taking Prilosec and Zoloft on top of all that.  Umm, no thanks.  And I’m doing pretty good with the panic, of course my sister’s alarm just scared me now and I also freaked out because it made more acid bubble in my stomach.  Thanks T.

So yeah, healthwise that is where I am at.  It’s super slow going, but slow and steady wins the race right?  I am hoping by the time Summer hits I will be doing pretty damn good.  Smile  But in the mean time I need to keep myself busy.  And I have been with writing and crocheting amigurumi.  I have made about 14 of them with a 15th one on the way.  They are addictive.  None of the ones I made will be sold since they are beginners stuff but they are super cute and I will be taking pictures of them soon to show you.  My mom has already claimed one of them that is so far my biggest one.  So I am trying to learn how to make patterns on my own so I can possibly sell them along with the doll stuff I want to do.  I’m doing a lot of reading up on them and so far so good.  I’m going to work on a couple of more free patterns and then I will attempt my first full pattern.  I’ve been doing slight alterations to the freebie ones I have been using and I will be making posts about them as well.

What else?  Been cleaning finally.  When you are basically stuck in bed for two months your room tends to look like a tornado went through it.  Back in the day I used to call my room the abyss and my “craft” room the black hole.  The abyss has since cleaned up its act some, but here lately its been looking more and more like it’s former self.  People, there is no shame in my game, my room is a mess.  I tend to like things tidy and feel so much better with a clean and vacuumed room, but I have not felt up to cleaning and so it looks like crap.  I’ll get it picked back up again, just going to take a while.  The “craft” room on the other hand will be put off a little longer.  I can’t take on to much just yet. But it will all be finished eventually and then I can get back to crafting and finishing the photostory I am working on that is quickly getting dull to me.  Once I finish it I will be have sales galore to pass on some treasures to others so I can bring my stories down to a smaller scale.  Can’t wait to do that and get some close space back.  Right now over half of it is filled with tubs of doll stuff.  I kid you not.  LOL!  The life of a collector.  And to think I’m not the worst one out there, even though it feels like it.  Smile

Hummm, and I guess that’s about it ladies and gentlemen.  I have one more thing to talk about but this post has gotten long enough so I will make another post to talk about something cool I saw and learned today about doll customizing.  Smile  So I will leave you all on that note.  I’m still thankfully alive, I miss blogging more and can’t wait to get back to it, and yeah things are SLOWLY but SURELY getting better.  Fingers crossed they will only continue to get better.  Alright, talk to you lovely people later, stay tuned for the extra post I will be writing also.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya,

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