Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rest In Peace Dame Elizabeth Taylor

So if you haven’t heard already, famed actress Elizabeth Taylor died today at 79 years of age from congestive heart failure.  She was surrounded by her kids when she passed away, which I imagine would have been the way she wanted to go.  I was shocked to hear of her passing.  Ever since I was a kid I’d always hear about Elizabeth Taylor in one way or another.  Either a movie my mom saw that she’d think I like, or in her White Diamonds commercials, or that she was a good friend of Michael Jackson.  She kind of one of those icons you think will never die.  But in the end, I guess we are all human and we all face the same sad end.  Sad smile

I feel sad that I didn’t look more into Elizabeth’s career when she was alive.  Now seeing the news talk about her past movies, it makes me want to watch them.  Of course I watched Cleopatra, but other movies I haven’t, but I plan to watch them.  I’m hoping Netfilx has some of them to watch.

In high school I had a teacher who loved her.  He’d told his wife if Elizabeth Taylor came to the door and asked him to leave his wife for her, he would.  I was thinking this morning if Mr. Bryant is still alive I wonder how he is handling the news of her passing.  I say if he is still alive because he was about Elizabeth Taylor’s age at the time I was in school, he was a very large man, and well yeah.  So I just wonder what he is thinking today.

Ok, this post is getting super sad.  I guess I just wanted to post to say I was sad to hear of her passing.  There really are no more iconic people any more besides Betty White left to be amazed by.  And I guess it just shows that I’m getting older because so many people I remember from my youth are slowly passing away, and well yeah.   There is just no avoiding the unavoidable and we all need to live life to it’s fullest.  Whatever the fullest is to you live your life to achieve that so you can look back as you lay on your deathbed and say you have no regrets because you accomplished a lot, you lived happily, and you leave this world a better place because you were here.  I think Elizabeth did that, and I hope one day I will too.  Smile  Talk to you guys later.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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