Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thanks a lot John.

Ok, so the wonderful John who writes “From the Brain of John”, drew the coolest comic that was based around the song “So Much Better” from the Broadway musical “Legally Blonde – The Musical”.  Well I surfed around Youtube to find out more about the musical and found out that MTV aired the whole play back in 2007.  Well you know it had to be online, right?  Well I went and searched it out and found it and watched it last night even though I was dead tired.  I enjoyed it and plan to watch it again.  So in a way to share with you and have a place to store the link for each viewing, I give you “Legally Blonde – The Musicial”.  Thank John for this awesomeness because without him I doubt I would have searched out the play and found this awesomeness.  So enjoy and sing along!  Smile
Part 1-

Part 2-
Now I think I will watch Avenue Q and an old movie I want to watch first before I post about it.  Enjoy Elle Woods and her friends.  Smile
Loves ya,

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