Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let’s Hoop it out!

So remember that package for my sister I mentioned yesterday?  Well it came in today.  What was it?  An adult size weighted hula hoop.  I had talked to her about how hula hoops help a lot of people lose weight and she decided to get one.  I had planned to get one before the breathlessness started, but decided against it when it did.  But I watched my sister try it and where she couldn’t hula hoop with a child’s hoop she took fairly easily to the adult one.  She got it swinging within the first few tries.  She still needs some practice but it’s awesome to see her do it.  She let me try it and yeah, a bust because I refused to take off my jacket and I was worried about getting winded.  I got it to go around once and the movement hurt my stomach, so yeah, not sure if I will be trying again any time soon.  But I do want to get a hoop one day.  I’ve been researching “hooping” for exercise for about a year now and really want to try it.  And I have just enough room in my room…when it’s clean…to be able to do it indoors.  So I will be looking into getting a hoop one day.

But I still wasn’t sure how to get the thing started, so I went in search of how to actually hula hoop and I found I was doing my hips wrong.  You go back and forth instead of chasing the hoop with your hips.  Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.  Open-mouthed smile  But in my search I of course found some awesome “hoopers” and had to show you this one that I just thought was so cool and awesome.  I want to be like her one day.  Smile

I know she’s just doing the basic swing around, but damnit I can’t even do that.  So yeah, I want to get to that level and then see where “hooping” takes me.  Smile  And well that was about the only highlight of my day.  It was mostly a mellow day.  A little breathlessness from some acid forming over night and no serious high, but not a bad day really.  Cleaned some and see some organization happening.  But that’s about it.  And I just noticed this video is three minutes and thirty-three seconds long.  And here I was wondering if I should change my shop name from 333 Designs.  Nope, this is a sign, I shall keep it.  LOL!  Ok, talk to you all later.  Smile  Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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