Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Partly Cloudy

Hey guys!  So I wanted to pop on and say hi and tell you a bit about my morning.  Ok, so I live in a military town.  And what some of you may not know about military town living is that you have to put up with military games.  So if the info I got was right, it seems we had some marines visiting us this past weekend and the military base had military games going on.  Now at any given time you will hear or see results of the military doing practice.  You hear booming, you hear the machine guns, you feel your house shaking, you see glass panes bending back and forth from the pressure of bombs dropping.  And that, like I said, is on any given day.  But during military games?  OMGGGGGG!!!  The other day the house was shaking non-stop and vibrating from the bombs they were dropping.  And it wasn’t every few minutes either.  It was a constant drop of bombs for a good couple of minutes.  Well that was about as bad as it got this weekend, but they still had bombing throughout the past couple of days.  And if there is one thing one of my dogs hates more than anything, it’s loud unexplained booms.  Oh heck, he hates loud explained booms too.  This lead to a rather interesting morning for me.


So the military base was a booming, and I was seriously tired from being up all night.  I spent the night watching a sculptor on Blogtv who sculpts and makes a living making puppets.  He’s pretty cool.  Check him out if you are up late one night or up early one morning depending on where you are in the world.  His banner on his Blogtv channel links to his blog, etsy shop, and gallery so check them out too.  Anyway, after his show, I was going to go to sleep but something just kept me from going to sleep.  I think because my sister was expecting a package and our doorbell isn’t the best so I didn’t want me or my dad to miss the package if it came.  Well, my dog, who is a momma’s boy, got scared of all the booming this morning and decided to come find me upstairs.  Ok, he doesn’t do that too often but he has been known to do it before.  Only one little problem.  The cat has claimed over half of the house hers only “allowing” the dogs to live in the downstairs den my parents use as a room.  So he was in enemy territory.  Well I thought things were fine.  I have a wooden chair in my room that I rest my laptop on, and he sat next to it and I petted him to calm him down.  All was fine until I noticed the bit of orangey-brown on the chair was not the seat of the chair but my orange tabby cat under the chair looking at the dog making a “What the eff are you doing up here?!?” moan.  I think both Braxton and I knew we were in trouble.  Well then came the wide opened mouth hiss and I knew we were in serious trouble.  Braxton jumped into my bed and I grabbed my laptop because Holly was making a lunge for Braxton but since he decided to use me as protection, she was lunging for me!!!  So I grabbed my laptop and kept it between me and Braxton and Holly.  She got a face full of laptop, which oddly enough everyone was more worried about her ramming into my laptop than the fact that if it wasn’t there that would have been me…but I’m not bitter or anything.  Nahhhh.  So anyway, in the next 60 seconds that pass everything is a blur. I know there was a lot of screaming, from me, a lot of hissing and moaning, from Holly, and a lot of jumping and whimpering, from Braxton.  But I managed to get Holly out of the room and closed the door, mostly.  I left it open a slit and while it usually tells her to keep out it hit me that she is in “determination get that dog out of my turf mode” and that door being “mostly” closed would do NOTHING.  So I closed it the whole way and crawled back into bed…but not alone.

Braxton decided to join me in my little bed, panting and slobbering while shaking, which made me feel like I was laying in a massaging bed.  Granted I’ve never been in a massaging bed but I imagine that is what it would feel like if in fact I had ever been in a massaging bed.  And yes, he was shaking and panting that hard.  Ok, I just realized if no one knew I was talking about a dog this could come off as quite pervy.  *shrugs*  Meh.  So yeah, he and I stayed that way, on occasion changing positions and him walking all over me, for about 30 minutes until my mom and sister got home.  When I heard them outside I decided to open the door and see if I could let Braxton out no sooner they opened the door.  I peeked outside through a crack and didn’t see the cat in front of the door or in her usually hallway spots.  Success!  She has given up.  I was thisclose to opening the door until I saw something orange out of the corner of my eye on a stand next to my door.  Repositioning my face so I could see out of the crack I had open, I saw something that looked close to this:

“Oh, hi Holly.” I said to her as she looked at me sideways.  The front door finally opened and I was never so glad to see my sister and mom get home.  I had a cat holding me hostage with a dog who seems to have had enough of my company and wanted out RIGHT NOW.  So my sister grabbed her baby and trapped her in her bedroom while my mom came up and got her baby and freed him from our captor.  With everyone finally happy…well almost happy, Holly kept attacking Braxton every chance she got today…all was well and I was FINALLY able to crawl back into my bed and go to sleep.  That is until my sister brought me something I asked her to pick up for me.

I FINALLY got “Making Waves Jake” who I call Jack…it’s currently a working name.  He’s pretty awesome.  I won’t go much into it since I know everybody and their momma has one.  I like how he poses, and love his smaller eyes.  I kind of wish the girls had smaller eyes instead of the doe ones they have. But oh well, I guess the bigger ones help show off their beauty better?  I don’t know, only guessing.  But I do have one thing that irritates me about Jake.  While I think he is awesome and pretty cool, he is seriously lacking in the awesomeness of his prototype.

I mean come on.  While the actual finished product is super cute, I wouldn’t have minded the more mature Jake or the awesome clothes that were on the prototype.  I don’t want to spend 12 bucks on getting the outfit they do have out for him because it’s such simple stuff that I don’t think is worth the 12.  I was so glad to hear Ken clothing and shoes fit him pretty well.  But I would have loved to have had the outfit above for him.  He would have had sandals, cool shorts, and a cool hoodie that would take him easily from beach to town and look good in both places.  But I guess he would have stood out some with his half dressed posse.  *sigh*  Oh well.  I guess I will have to try making him some super cool sandals and a hoodie one day soon.  But yeah, I got him and want to get several more to try rerooting  and repainting them and making a new guy altogether.  I was bummed at first to hear he wouldn’t use wigs, but now I’m kind of glad he doesn’t.  Granted it would be good to have some other guy hair options to switch out.  But in the end he’s kind of like Ken, he’s there to make the girls look good.  Winking smile  Hey did you know Ken’s last name was Carson?  I had no idea.  I was looking info up last night for character names in my doll store.  Ken Carson, Barbie Roberts, Allan Sherwood, and Midge Hadley all have a part in the story.  Smile  Yeah, I’m getting so creative with my names aren’t I?  I know.  Smile *dust off shoulders*

But that’s about how my morning went. The rest of the day went pretty regular.  I slept until 7ish, got up and “started” the day.  Took my medicine cabinet of pills, exercised, read some, caught up some on “Skins”, and now I am going to finish reading “Please Don’t Eat The Daisies” and then watch some more “Skins” before calling it a night…or morning now in my case.  And what do you know, there goes the military base shooting off their machine guns again.  I am sure it’s been going on all night and I just now paid attention to it.  You usually don’t hear it unless they go to town like they did this weekend and this morning.  Bad military, badddd.

Oh, before I leave, I wanted to show you this Pixar short that I found out about on another blog I am reading that is written by Rebecca Danger.  I just think she is so awesome and her knit monsters are so awesome too.  I strive to be as awesome some day.  Be sure to check out her blog and the video short down below.  Enjoy.  Smile

Alright my lovelies, I am off.  Going to try to relax enough to go back to sleep and “hopefully” get back on a normal schedule again, which I will no doubt mess up again and be back to being up all night alone again.  It’s lonely being up all night by yourself.  Sad smile  I need to get back on a regular schedule so I don’t have to be so lonely at night.  LOL!  Ok talk to you lovely people later.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya,


  1. Your forgot Francie, her last name is Fairchild.
    Scary about your cat, hope that doesn't happen again.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information about Jake and his prototype. Sigh. I thought that there were possibly TWO versions of Jake.

    Sorry that you were not feeling good. Your cat photo made me laugh. Poor you. Poor Braxton. Holly is scary ;-) I could imagine Louie - my "Holly" - having a fit about another animal trespassing on his turf.


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