Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ken’s having a birthday and we’re invited!

So while I’m trying to avoid buying more doll stuff and the mo’, especially Barbie stuff, I couldn’t help but look when I saw that Toys R Us was celebrating Ken’s 50th birthday by putting all Barbie items 50 percent off.  You heard right.  50 percent off of all Barbie items, and this also includes So In Style dolls as well.  Another cool thing is I believe, don’t quote me on it, but I believe it is also happening in their stores too.  Couldn’t hurt to check it out.  So if there was something you wanted but didn’t like the price or wanted to try to customize something but didn’t like the price, this is the time to do it.  They got the furniture sets half off too, and they have new ones like a laundry station and a new kitchen that I could see looking great with a coat of paint.  Also, they have some of the Roca Wear SIS dolls on the website.  They did have the one camera Barbie I wanted for just 25 dollars, but she is sold out.  I’d have to head to the store to see if she’s there and I just might.  The She Said Yes set is down to $7.50 but even then I STILL don’t want it.  LOL!  But there are some beach dolls at 3 dollars each that I AM considering.  Just for their clothing, the dolls are of no interest to me.  I feel sad that the Fashionista Kens are down to 6 dollars each and I still don’t want them because of their faces.  Oh well.  I’d rather buy Liv Jake, who I was fool and didn’t buy two weeks ago when he was half off and now he’s back to full price.  *sigh*  I’ll hold out a little longer before I break down and get him.  But yeah, just wanted to let you know about the sale and I hope this is good news to someone out there.  Happy shopping!  Smile

Loves ya,

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