Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Much better.

Ok, so after a was his hair is soft but it still had that same shellacked look.  It lacks the volume that prototype has.  And while looking at his face I now know what bothers me about the lip paint.  It looks like when you drink deeply from a glass of mile and pull back and have a milk mustache.  Looks just like that. I may have to change it one day so I will feel better about it.  It just bothers me. Meh.  But his hair is washed.  What I did was let hot water run through the hair and it broke down the glue used then I took simple liquid hand soap to get the rest out.  Washed more with hot water, then rinsed with cold water.  Dried it off, combed it, and it’s fine.  Got some fly-aways but I prefer them over the glue.  When it dries I will try giving it some volume and see if I can style it some.  Meh.  Ok, going to watch a Korean movie my sister loaned me days ago.  Talk to you all soon.  Be good.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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