Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween guys and ghouls!  I know I’m a little early, but we had our trick-or-treat today due to making the church folks happy.  Do you know they don’t have Halloween parties in school anymore?  They call them Fall/Autumn festival.  The kids can dress up, they crave pumpkins, there’s candy, but it’s not Halloween.  Umm, wha???  Oh well, whatever makes them happy I suppose.

Here is my layout for Halloween.  I figured put it up now to be festive.  I haven’t worked on the one for Thanksgiving yet.  Smile  I’ve been either busy sewing, gaming, or being sick.  Meh.  So now I have to work on that tomorrow.  Tonight I am going to work on my novel outline that I didn’t finish either.  The Sims have kept most of my attention.  It’s addictive, what can I say?  LOL!  But yeah that’s what has been keeping me busy as of late.  I hope I can finish the Thanksgiving layout before tomorrow night.  Fingers crossed.

I had a fun night tonight.  I had my friends over to celebrate, even though it didn’t go according to plan.  We missed out on some thing but we are so having a do-over.  I got to see my friend Robin’s kids all together for the first time.  It was so much fun seeing her oldest that I knew back when I was a teenager and telling her how me and her mom were back in the day.  She was picking on her baby sister likes to rip her clothes off whenever Robin dresses her, and I surprised her letting her know she was a little stripper herself back in the day.  LOL!  It was fun.  Did some karaoke, had WAYYYY to much sugar, and now I am crashing hard, but I wanted to make a quick post to say hi to everyone and wish you all a happy and safe Halloween.  And save some candy for me!  Smile  Ok peeps, I’m off.  I’m tired, I need to set a tape for a movie I wanted to watch tonight, and then maybe crash the rest of the night.   I’ll be playing catch up later on blogs, comments, and email.  Yep let it slip some again, but I will be catching up on those tomorrow.  Bye for now peeps and peepettes.  Smile

Loves ya,

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