Monday, October 25, 2010

Where I’ll be.

Hey ladies and gents, I thought I’d pop on here real quick to let you know I’m still here, still working behind the scenes on something, and while doing that I am also back to playing video games.  LOL!  I was a big gamer when I was a little younger, and well I guess it’s still there but I try to repress it…says the girl who’s own mother is a bigger gamer than her.   Geez.  So I am play Saboteur while I wait for my sister to finish her shift at work.  She just left for a 2 hour shift at work.  She’s working the midnight release of a game I always get on console.  I know I mentioned it, but just in case you forget, watch the ad.  Smile

Heck yeah!!!  The Sims 3 for Console.  I’ll be playing on PS3.  My sister got a sweet discount at work and I get some perks for my preordering.  Eeeeee!!!  I paid it off on Friday so I now I must wait for roughly 2 and a half hours to get my little hands on my new precious.  So I may not be around for a few days.  BUT I will be around on Halloween.  I have a post already set for that day, so look forward to that.  Also, anyone doing Nanowrimo this year?  If so let me know so I can add your as a writing buddy on there.  I can’t wait…omg…I never finished my novel outline!!!  Omg!!!  I was going to work on that today!!!  But I was playing Saboteur and…omg!!!  Ok, gotta jet.  So much to do so little time.  I’m planning a get together for Saturday.  Not sure about other places, but they’ve recently started having trick-or-treating on Saturday if Halloween falls on a Sunday.  So we want to watch scary movies and give out candy.  Do I plan to dress up?  Yep.  As what?  Myself…dressed up.  Lame I know, but I’m looking forward to it.  Ok, jetting, now, bye kids.  Smile

Loves ya,

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  1. Yay, Sims3! Lately I've been playing Sims2 on my X-box. I go thourh phases where it's fun to play then it becomes a chore, but I always come back to it. Weird I know.


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